3 Possible Reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver Split

COMMENTARY | Former California governor, actor and body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, announced Tuesday that their 25-year marriage will be ending in separation. According to the Huffington Post, the separation is reported to be a joint decision by Schwarzenegger and Shriver.

When I heard the news of the split, I was stunned. While every marriage has its ups and downs, the marriage between Arnold and Maria, from afar, seemed sturdy. Shriver, of the famed Kennedy family, appeared to be one of the lucky ones of her family to escape the “curse” – the Kennedy family is notorious for marital upset, premature death and scandal.

Read on for more on what I believe may have led to the crumbling of the 25-year marriage between Shriver and Schwarzenegger.

Long Commutes and Distance from Family for Arnold

When Schwarzenegger was elected as the governor of California in 2002, he and Maria had to decide whether to move the family closer to the capital or stay at the family estate. It was decided that Shriver and the children would remain at the family’s private estate in comfort, while Schwarzenegger commuted to and from Sacramento by private jet.

While it may have been easier for Arnold to settle down in Sacramento, he decided against uprooting his family for his career. Now, just four months after his second term as governor ended, Schwarzenegger and Shriver are headed for separation. Did the strain of the long commutes and distance put too much on this marriage?

Accusations of lewd behavior pointed at Schwarzenegger

The beginning of Schwarzenegger’s political career was wrought with turmoil as accusations of “lewd behavior” against Arnold were reported in the Los Angeles Times. Schwarzenegger faced allegations of sexual harassment, including the unwanted physical contact and inappropriate advances toward several females. Throughout his bid for governor, his wife stood by him despite the allegations — something many women would not be willing to overlook. The accusations came from a series of women, with occurrences dating from 1975 to 2000. Schwarzenegger responded to the allegations with a statement saying that he “behaved badly sometimes,” reported the Associated Press.

High possibility of a split long before the announcement

There is a high possibility of a separation long before the public announcement made by Schwarzenegger and Shriver. Both parties are active Twitter users, and while their 25th anniversary just passed, neither made mention of their silver anniversary. With most couples, the 25th is a much-anticipated milestone that is marked with parties, presents and much celebration. The fact that neither mentioned the other on this date certainly sets an ominous tone for their future.