3 More Television Shows that Might Make Me Money

This is a follow up article to my recent post of similar title. In addition to my three previous picks, I’ve recently started watching a couple more television shows that I have found could provide a bit of insight into making money by way of antiques and collectibles, and one show geared toward fixing money problems and avoiding financial pitfalls. Since I’ve run through almost all the episodes of my other favorite such shows by way of my cable provider’s OnDemand services, I need something new to put on for an hour or two at night when I’m exhausted and no longer want think.

Here are three of my new favorite new shows that have been providing me with interesting information that provides entertainment, keeps my eyes glued to the screen, but teach me a little something valuable in the process.

” Auction Kings “

“Auction Kings” is a show I caught just recently in a marathon run. I think I ended up watching about four straight hours. The show revolves around an Atlanta area auction house named Gallery 63. Its owner and employees attempt to research and then sell all sorts of interesting items at auction. Since I was a small child, I thought the auction atmosphere was intriguing, and it certainly can be exciting when a bidding war erupts. From the historical to the just plain odd, you might be as surprised as I am to find out how much certain items sell for.

Catch ” Auction Kings ” on the Discovery Channel .

” Hollywood Treasure “

I kind of fell into this show since I typically don’t associated the Syfy channel with providing knowledge on how to make money. However, “Hollywood Treasure” is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse inside the hunt for and sale at auction of a variety of television and movie props and memorabilia. These items sometimes sell for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars!

While I don’t get a chance to discover many items from the silver screen where I live, you never know what you might stumble across that has a famed background. And even if the stuff that is being auctioned has been used on film, its back story can still provide an interesting education that can help me in my search for items or paraphernalia that might be viewed as valuable in my future antique hunts.

Catch ” Hollywood Treasure ” on Syfy .

“’til Debt do us Part”

Breaking away from shows revolving around the finding and selling of valuable heirlooms, memorabilia, or historical items, I’ve decided to toss in a show that focuses more upon personal finances.

In my opinion, the “’til Debt do us Part” program tends to use a bit of shock value to awaken its viewers to the dangers of debt and overspending. It typically features couples who have dug themselves into tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and who must complete a series of financial challenges that will not only teach them valuable personal finance lessons but will get them closer to receiving a $5000 bonus to put toward their debt upon successful completion of their challenges.

Personally, I like this show not only because it reaffirms many of my opinions and beliefs regarding personal finances, but it occasionally teaches me a thing or two about how better to save and certain techniques that can help cut costs.

Catch “’til Debt do us Part” on CNBC .

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