3 Great Ways for Anyone to Make Money Online

In this economy, everyone these days is looking for some easy ways to make so extra money from the comfort of their home. The internet is a great tool to do so. There are so many opportunities out there in cyberspace for people of all ages to make some extra summer cash!. Here are some of the ways that I believe to be the best ways out there.

1. Writing
Writing is my favorite way of making money online. There are tons of great websites out there that you can sign up for to write for money. There are also many different genres of writing you can do. Some of the best things to write are reviews, stories and articles.

For reviews, I personally enjoy writing them right here on Associated Content. From AC, you can get paid a minimum up-front payment of $2, and you also get monthly performance payments based on how many views your writing receives. It takes me on average about 10 minutes to write each review. If you do the math and I get the minimum of $2 per review, I will make around $12 an hour. This isn’t bad compared to working on my feet for the minimum wage of $8.50 an hour! AC is also a great place to write articles. They give you topics to choose from to write about, or you can let your creativity take over and come up with your own topics!

If you enjoy writing stories or poetry, some nice sites to check out would be Helium or Triond. In my opinion though, I have had the most success with AC. I have used Triond before, and I didn’t make to much for my poems, but if I had worked longer with it I know that I would have made a fairly decent amount of money.

2. Photography
Photography is another great way to make money online. If you love taking photos, you are skilled at it, you know how to use Photoshop, and you have a decent camera, then this is the perfect way for you to make money online! Photographers can take pictures of practically anything, and sell them online as stock photos. Stock photos are basically things that people or companies buy and use for presentations, work, etc. Some sites to check out if you are interested in selling stock photos are BigStockPhoto and Crestock. I must warn you though, these sites are pretty busy, and it can take up to a month for them to get back to you about your photos. Just be patient, because if they do accept your work you can be looking as some easy-made monthly cash!

3. Surveys
Surveys are a decent way to make a fairly good amount of cash. To do surveys you must have patience. This is because first of all you must way for surveys to be assigned to you. Secondly, there is a high chance that you will be screened-out of most surveys you take while you are in the middle of them which I find to be highly frustrating! But if you don’t enjoy writing or your photo skills aren’t too pro, then surveys are definitely for you. You must remember though that most surveys do take time, the money is fairly minimal, and you must have patience! If you are interested in doing some surveys for extra cash, a great site to check out is GlobalTestMarket. They send you plenty of surveys daily, and the payout is pretty decent.

So , what are you waiting for? With summer around the corner, who couldn’t use some extra spending money? No matter what your interests are, there are tons of great opportunities out there for anyone to make a little extra cash! Good luck!