3 Great Liquor-Infused Dessert Sources in California

Boozy confections, though near and dear to this heart, are nothing new. Despite this fact, baked sweets that carry a little nip of alcohol, be it in the dough or batter of said treats, or simply incorporated into their glaze or frosting, never fail to excite my curiosity. Maybe this is because my love of good food and good drink afford me a certain heightened level of appreciation for impressive acts of kitchen-centric ingenuity. It could also be that I can scarcely look upon creations in this vein without wondering how many I could devour before the dangers of eating and driving threatened my motorist skills. Under any other circumstances, except those surrounding the following booze-infused desserts, “Driving While Fed” would seem a pardonable offense. On the other hand, there’s nothing like a brisk walk after a meal, particularly a meal that includes one of the following flourishes, available throughout the Golden State.

Tequila Sunrise Donut
At Psycho Donuts

This would be attractive enough if they’d stopped at the grenadine swirl, orange icing, and maraschino cherry garnish that top each one. As it is, though, the kitchen wizards at this Campbell, California bakery-slash-mad food scientists’ laboratory inject these little darlings with tequila crème made in-house. If only every sunrise involved tastes like these.

Blueberry Muffin
At Borrachos Drunken Desserts

In culinary terms, the word “borracho” refers to foods and or sauces among whose ingredients some form of alcoholic beverage is included. Hand-crafted and beautiful as it is, this confection’s “Blueberry muffin” designation is a misnomer. Not a muffin, but a chocolate-drenched, cinnamon-kissed pastry filled with whole blueberries and spiked with blueberry liquor (as opposed to “liquer” so you know they mean business). Available for delivery, they promise an abundance of flavor using only the finest ingredients.

Vanilla Grand Marnier Cake
At Immaculate Confections

With cake and cheesecake flavors like dark chocolate bourbon with an orange-Jack Daniel’s glaze or vanilla bean rum made with Bacardi Gold and a vanilla glaze, this L.A.-based bakery raises the bar on drinking while eating. Not only do they cater events and buffets, but their creations make fantastic gifts. Who wouldn’t love to dive into one of these?

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