3 Easy Ways to Make Patriotic Luminaries

With all the patriotic holidays coming up, there’s a good chance you’ll be hosting a backyard barbecue, swim party, or other family get-together. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Flag Day or the Fourth of July, have fun decorating your backyard or patio with this easy, patriotic DIY craft.

Luminaries are candleholders that protect a candle’s flame, while radiating light and color. Perfect for the outdoors, these red, white and blue luminaries will look great on your picnic table this July 4th or at any summer party.

The following ideas are three easy ways to make patriotic luminaries from the typical glass jars you already have sitting in your cabinets:

1. Tissue paper decoupage

Create an easy glue mixture by diluting white glue with water and mixing until smooth. Tear colored tissue paper into small pieces. Use a brush to paint small areas of glue on the outside of the glass jar, adhere the tissue paper, then brush over top with more glue. Overlap pieces until the whole glass jar is covered.

Be sure to remember fire safety and keep all paper and glue on the outside of the jar. For patriotic decorations, consider creating three luminaries to display together – one with blue decoupage, one with red, and one with white.

2. Decorate with glass paint

Glass paint comes in any color, and is sold in squeezable paint tubes at most craft stores. Use red, white and blue glass paint to create decorations on the outside of a glass jar for a patriotic luminary. Consider drawing flags, stars, or big red and white stripes. Be sure to follow the directions on the paint bottle, for preparation, instructions and drying time.

3. Draw flag designs with permanent markers

This is such an easy way to make patriotic decorations! Using red and blue permanent markers (Bic or Sharpie work best), color large red stripes and a blue rectangle on the outside of a glass jar. Leave a few ‘blank’ areas for stars inside the rectangle. Once the candle is placed inside, the light will illuminate through the bright red and blue colored areas.

Rather than purchasing three jars to make these patriotic luminaries, consider recycling glass applesauce, mayonnaise, jelly or salsa jars. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry the jars before you use them. Take note, it is best to use wide-mouth glass jars to fit votive candles. Consider recycling glass baby food jars for tealight-sized luminaries.

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