3 Deadly Krav Maga Attacks

Krav Maga began as a self-defense system for Jews to fight off Nazi invaders with during World War II. Since then, it has expanded through its combat-effectiveness to be the number one fighting system for several of the world’s elite military branches. Its use of aggression, speed, and brutality has earned it its title as being one of the best self-defense systems in existence. Today, you can learn a civilian form of Krav Maga which is just as devastatingly effective as the military version. No matter what the situation, there are three common strikes used in most Krav Maga techniques.

1. Knee Strikes

Krav Maga uses quite a few knees in its attacks. Of course, it is no big mystery that knee strikes can deliver some of the most shattering forces to an opponent’s face, torso, or groin. In Krav Maga, the practitioner will usually strike from a distance one or more times before closing the distance to deliver knee strikes. If fighting a group of people, capturing one of them and delivering knee strikes while using their body as a distance tool is a great way to take down your opponents down one-by-one. It only takes one or two before your “human shield” can be dropped for a new one in most cases; not many people want to still fight with broken ribs.

2. Hammer Fist Strikes
This is your longest-distance punch, and has some interesting properties to it that should be mentioned. If standing next to your assailant, instead of face facing him, reaching over and smashing their nose in with the bottom of your fist is, well, highly-effective. If while standing next to your assailant, you reach over and smash their throat, now you’ve got something even more effective. The hammer fist strike is a lightning-fast strike that can target vital points of the face and neck extremely accurately and is one of Krav Maga’s most effective strikes. One of these to stun your opponent and you should have earned yourself the time needed to run away or deal with the next threat.

3. Elbow Strikes
These are a rather close-range weapon, but nonetheless, should an attacker be stupid enough to get within range, you are well within your right to fire off one of these bad boys. In the basic Krav Maga classes, you learn to throw elbow strikes in response to choke attacks. In the upper level Krav Maga classes an elbow strike gets you out of bear-hugs, chokes, and certain knife-attacks/gun attacks.

There are a ton more Krav Maga techniques out there that are equally powerful. If you have any interest in learning a self-defense system that actually works, be sure to give Krav a go.