24 Unique, Creative, Self-Run Business Ideas

We all know what it takes to bring home money, work work work. Most of us are doing the standard jobs and careers but we all stop to think, “is this what I wanna do for the rest of my life?” We all have these ideas of starting another “dream job” but we aren’t sure what to do. I took the time to comprise a list of some home based businesses that anyone can start.

Wedding Planner
Weddings have been taking place forever and that will never change. People get married and they need help to make their special day perfect. As a wedding planner you will organize the happiest days of people lives by doing things such as preparing budgets, giving advice for the wedding ceremony, giving advice for the wedding reception, and so so much more.

Home Stager
Are you someone who knows how to make things look great? Can you turn anything into a presentable, beautiful site. As a home stager you will make homes look the best they possibly can to attract potential buyers and eventually be sold. You will be hired to emphasize the best features of a property to create an altogether gorgeous look.

Party Planner
How great would it be to have a career organizing fabulous parties? You will help to organize memorable moments in peoples lives in such events such as anniversaries, birthdays, cocktail parties, engagement parties, family reunions, fundraisers, holiday parties, theme parties, wedding showers, baby shower and so much more.

Makeup Artist
Beauty takes a lot of creativity and most people need help to put together a certain look. Can you imagine yourself doing makeup for advertisements, modeling agencies, magazines, movies, music videos, runway shows, television, and so much more? You can make it happen! In this industry, you will be able to make people look stunning or fit the part of a role they will be playing.

Open Your Own Bed and Breakfast
As a bed and breakfast owner, you can host visitors from all over while using your decorating and cooking skills to provide and excellent environment to stay in. This career will bring you satisfaction as well as bringing enjoyment to travelers.

Are you a neat freak or just someone who loves to create clean spaces? In this business you can be hands-on or manage others to provide cleaning services. Because lots of people find it difficult to find time to clean or just don’t feel like doing it, this business will never go out. You will be able to clean residentially or commercially to keep places looking nice.

Day Care
Running a day care is a rewarding, fun, and sometimes challenging experience. You will watch childen grow and become an important guide in their lives. If you love children, running a day care is an excellent chance to spend your days caring for them as well as providing them will the right tools to develop.

Dog Walking
So you love dogs and love exercise. Why not combine the two and get paid for it? Dog walking is a fun way to make money and work with lovable dogs everyday. The benefits for this job are endless.

Fashion Designer
The fashion world is constantly growing everyday. How would you like to establish new styles or oversee fashion creation. This job definitely takes a lot of creativity and if you are a fashion lover, it will bring much satisfaction to you. Everyday, this job will provide you with a chance to create something new and beautiful.

Freelance Writer
Writing is a great way to express creativity and feel a sense of accomplishment. So why wouldn’t you want to get paid for it? Whether you write for clients or publication, everyday you can create something for people to read and enjoy.

Interior Decorator
If you have an eye for design and decorating, this is an excellent career path. You will be able to make your visions a reality and decorate homes or businesses. You can show your creativity in places such as art galleries, bed and breakfasts, hotels, museums, spas, restaurants, boutique stores, and so many other places!

Personal Chef
Have you been told you are an excellent cook? If you love to prepare meals, a job as a personal chef is for you. You will spend your days cooking delectable foods for small dinner parties, families, or even to cater a large event.

Personal Shopper
Do you love to shop? What if you could get paid to do it? Personal Shopping is an exciting career that lets you use creativity to shop for items for busy families, special occasions, businesses, special events, etc.

Pet Sitter
Imagine a career where you can spend all day caring for and playing with animals. By becoming a pet sitter, you will be able to set your own schedule and create a world for people to feel safe leaving their pets when they cannot care for them for a period of time. No two days in this job will ever be the same.

Some other business ideas:
Professional Organizer
Cake and Cupcake Decorating
Book Publishing
Jewelry Designer
Landscape Company
Massage Therapist
Professional Photographer
Event Planning
Gift Basket Making