2012 Presidential Race for Dummies

Welcome to the 2012 presidential race for dummies. There’s more happening in 2012 than US citizens watching their clocks on December 21st. But what is this thing called the 2012 presidential race you ask? Why, it is going to be the most important race America has ever seen.

Every four years American citizens vote for their US president. In return, the president moves inside of the White House (if he is not already living there) to embark on a new journey to lead America towards his promised direction. A land mass of promises not to be confused with the Promise Land.

The White House, paid for by you and I, is a large home with a fenced in lawn and multiple rooms occupied by the President and his first family. Americans call them the First Family. Like a revolving door, one family moves in and another moves out each time a new president is chosen by the people, for the people.

The duties of a president elect includes jetting to foreign locations to meet with leaders, creating programs beneficial to the American public, trying to figure out America’s financial woes and to keep unemployment at bay. The president, in a nutshell, is America’s spokesperson and boss. But these are not the only things asked of a president.

Other presidential duties include looking cool in public, sharing your favorite basketball pick in the Final Four, holding the most colorful Easter egg hunt of the year, traveling in bulletproof limos, receiving a hair cut the cost of multiple Casio watches, wearing shiny shoes, opening and closing doors on foreign trade. The list continues but let us get back on that 2012 presidential racetrack.

Remember to never pick a president who has a record of raising taxes or supporting the issues or programs you have no use for. Again, he would have to match the characteristics fitting to your taste as to how YOU would run the country. That is key!

Each president has the chance of running for president – a second time. This is called re-election. Dubbed by the opposing side during multiple campaigns as re-infection. Which brings us to name calling and insults.

How tough is your skin? Remember, sticks and stones may break your bones but names just remind you of a Jersey bar.

Americans have the right to free speech. No matter how ugly the words come out. Free speech is the central nerve to America’s freedom and independence. Without it we would all be silent and staring at each other. The US Constitution allows these freedoms to be valued rather than hidden. And that is why it is good to be American. But there is also another perk. A glorious perk.

US born citizens without a rap sheet can try, at least, to enter this race if they at first qualify. That means you can’t legally run for US president if you were born in, say, Kenya (an example). And those with criminal rap sheets cannot enter the presidential race. This includes forgery, gun running, and so on. You have to be a good US born citizen to even consider entering the race.

Debates happen multiple times. Most candidates will be mean to each other in front of a camera but behind closed doors they are more civil and rational with each other. Like leaving the ballgame on the diamond as both teams walk off the field asking how each other is doing. Try not to get lost in all of that negative glamour.

At a debate each candidate answers questions. Questions usually begin with if you were president, as president would you support, or would you change (fill in) and how.

Promises are made by each candidate during the presidential race. It happens each campaign. It is up to you to decide whether you believe the promises by doing some research about each candidate.

Warning flag! Remember, promises can get a candidate into the White House. Promises! Promises! There are those times when potential US candidates do not carry out their promises. Remember, again, Promise Land.

After you witness campaign commercials cluttering up your television screen for an entire year and each candidate ends their run with a somewhat closing final thought, on November 6, always the first Tuesday after the 1st of November, America votes.

Remember, remember, the 6th of November!

Dead men can’t vote. So if you are thinking of using your dead father’s voters registration to slip in an extra vote for your candidate, forget about it! If you are reading this from the prison computer room, don’t think about it! Don’t ask, just don’t do it!

To register to vote, meaning sign up to vote, simply contact your local Board of Elections and they will assist. Once you have been registered it is time to wait for that card! And how long does it take? If you do not receive a voters registry card two weeks after registering then contact the Board of Elections again for a status update. This is why you need to register through the Board of Elections by October of 2012.

You will not have to personally go into the Board of Elections. You can register online or by mail as well.

Feels good to be included, doesn’t it? Everyone wants a chance to make a difference. It is your turn to participate. When your card comes in the mail it will share the location where you are expected to vote. It could be a school, the fire station or another building. Now, for the ballot box.

The Ballot Box

One of the earliest ballot boxes ever used was made out of cardboard. But technology and a couple of electronic welders (computer programmers) made it possible to vote with a box that is tamper proof [for most cases]. When entering a location to vote walk up to the ballot box when it is your turn to vote.. If the scary box hasn’t shocked anybody yet it will not shock you. Fill in the holes on the paper of choices with your pencil. You may even feel as if you are in school against taking a multiple choice test. Stick your paper inside of the machine slot and hope for the best!

The location may offer you a sticker which states that you have voted. Take the sticker home. Google these words; November 8 election freebies. And see what hidden benefits come from just one sticker. Benefits such as free coffee, free meals and other surprises.

Now, what’s next?

A political invasion unleashes on your television screen during the evening and into the night on November 6, 2012. As polls gather the information on how many votes are received and spits out numbers. And the man with biggest number wins!

America’s adrenaline subsides into awe for the next 24 hours as voters digest the long road leading up to their new or re-elected president. It may come in a headache form or a mere brush of low energy. Don’t worry, this usually happens a day after most highly energized events.

What is happening now?

US President Barack Obama is running for re-election in 2012. He has been sworn in as US president following his 2008 presidential win. Obama hit opposition in the first election of 2008 and is expected to experience the same this time around – but worse.

Why? There are those who support Obama. However, there are non-supporters as well. Remember, it is America. Americans are not forced to choose.

Before even thinking about re-electing Barack Obama take the time to educate yourself on his issues based on performance. As with any other president running for re-election write a list of all of his promises and figure out how many promises were broken to weigh against how many were kept. Consider viewing other presidential candidate(s) reasoning involving Obama’s policies.

A good vote comes from a good researcher. You will find the good, the bad, and the ugly when researching. But this goes for all presidential candidates, including Ron Paul.

12-term US congressman and libertarian grassroots Republican Ron Paul is running for the same presidential seat. Therefore, Barack Obama has competition.

When you hear, or read, of Ron Paul being 75-years-old you may picture him walking slowly with a cane. Not the case. Ron Paul moves faster than most healthy 75-year-old Americans.

Ron Paul is a doctor. Hence, Dr. Ron Paul. Now Ron tossed his hat, figuratively speaking, into the 2012 presidential primary this past Tuesday in confirming, by press conference (announcement), that he has formed an exploratory committee.

In order to run for US president in 2012 each Republican candidate must either confirm by exploratory or formal announcement by April 29, 2011 [today].

Republican or Democrat? A Republican elephant and Democrat donkey walks into a bar. Then they argued all day long until someone removed the steel rod. It is wiser to listen to a candidate before even noticing whether they are Republican or Democrat. Why? Because a label shouldn’t change your best fitted choice.

First debate?

On May 5 in Greenville, South Carolina at the Peace Center the first SC (South Carolina) GOP debate takes off. Fox News sponsors the event. View the debate to get an idea as to what these presidential primaries may offer in taking back the White House. A phrase you will hear quite often in the year coming up. They do not literally mean they will storm into the White House with pitchforks and torches and take it back. It is a calm process – Democracy.

So there you have it. A path sure to lead you on the wildest ride you may have ever experienced. These words do not justify how truly challenging the 2012 presidential race will actually become. Just pay attention to all sides, do your best in research and make sure your choice best shares what you consider great traditional American values.

2012 Presidential Race “No-No” List:

Do not obsess over the 2012 election, or re-election, before completing your own tasks and duties. It is easy to get lost in it. Fully understand. However, when junior has been sitting on his highchair with dinner on his face at midnight [debate night] you must reorganize your priorities. An election should never take the place of what is expected from you.

Do not quit your job because someone in the office is giving you a hard time over your choice. The old fashioned way of doing things is not telling anyone who you voted for to begin with. That takes care of the other. Count to 10 if you feel overwhelmed at a moment you do not agree with someone.

Do not stalk your political choice. That means you cannot call them countless times after hearing them state “hey, didn’t I talk to you 5 times today?” That also means you can’t invite yourself to their home nor hang out at their office 24/7. Do not contact their family members.

This includes the opposing side. You can’t sit in their driveway waiting to throw eggs. You can’t dig through their trash seeking something dirty against them. You can’t, by law, invade their privacy. Just take it to the poll!

Do not think the world is coming to an end if your choice does not win. Better luck next time! Every game and every race deserves good sportsmanship.

Do not panic the day after. Usually the “day after” feels like an 18-wheeler ran over your head. Especially when your candidate loses. Your brain had gone through much. Between the anticipation and hopes that lead towards the moment, you are finally coming down. It is natural and doesn’t mean you are a manic depressive. Unless you don’t move from your bed for days and tell everyone to stuff it – if you talk at all. You did your best are the only four words that should cross your mind the day after your candidate lost.

Do not run your vehicle into the political opponent. Do not shoot the political opponent. Do not kidnap, cut, spit, slap, kick or kill the political opponent. Unless you are planning on a lifetime of fearing the sound of your soap dropping in the shower room of a highly populated prison. If you are not sure about the laws then Google; Ten Commandments. That should get you started.

Do not beat anyone up if they do not support your candidate. Do not text, call, e-mail or write threats to your candidate’s opposition or anyone for that matter.

Do not throw bottles on stage at any 2012 presidential race debate. The debate is not a Justin Beiber concert.

Do not, repeat, do not forget to vote! You count and don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Good luck with your 2012 presidential choice and happy voting on November 6, 2012.

Happy voting!

Source: Lori Lane, Associated Content 4/29/11

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