2012 NFL Draft: Broderick Green Pros and Cons

Power back Broderick Green lined up at fullback and tailback for the Arkansas Razorbacks in 2010. A recent ACL tear ended his 2011 season but he should be fully recovered for the 2012 NFL draft. Although he has played some running back, Green will likely be a fullback in the NFL.

Here are some of the pros and cons to drafting Broderick Green.

#1. Size

Green is listed at 6’2″ and 248 pounds. He appears to be well-muscled throughout his body.

The Razorbacks have deployed Green as a goal-line and short-yardage running back. He understands how to shrink his frame to fit through a gap. Green uses his body to shield the ball well when he’s running.

#2. Strength
Green has outstanding strength in his lower and upper body. He has thick legs and generates significant power when running downhill.

When blocking, Green squares up and delivers a strong pop to the defender. He does show some sloppiness and will disengage too quickly at times. However, he has only played fullback for about two years. His blocking should improve the longer he’s able to concentrate on playing a single position.

#3. Versatility
Green has lined up at fullback and tailback. He has occasionally been used as an outlet receiver from the backfield. Green can run basic routes but isn’t a major receiving threat.

Despite being recruited as a running back, he hasn’t publicly complained about his position shift and lack of playing time.

#1. ACL Tear

Green’s ACL tear may set him back considerably. While his skill set has never relied heavily on agility, Green could lose some change-of-direction capabilities and quickness.

#2. Lack of Speed
The ACL tear may also negatively affect Green’s speed. He’s been unofficially clocked as fast as 4.58. Losing any more speed would almost certainly make him a full-time fullback.

Green’s ACL tear on April 15th ended his 2011 season. The early prognosis for his recovery appears to be good and Green should be healthy for all of the events related to the 2012 NFL draft.

Green has excellent size and can line up at a number of positions in the backfield. He has some experience catching the ball and has been a goal-line back.

However, the true fullback is relatively rare on NFL rosters which limits Green’s draft ceiling. He isn’t quite physically talented enough to play running back full-time. I think Green’s best draft value is in the 5th or 6th round depending upon how well he recovers from his ACL tear.