2012 NCAA Recruiting: Rodney Purvis Pros and Cons

Guard Rodney Purvis from Raleigh Upper Room Christian is a versatile player who could play either the 1 or 2 spot in college. He’s an exceptional scorer who can distribute the ball to his teammates and run an offense effectively.

Here are some of the pros and cons to recruiting Rodney Purvis.

#1. Athleticism

Purvis is the kind of player who can run the floor at full speed all day long. He has outstanding quickness and knows how to set up a defender with counters, stutters, and pure speed. Purvis shows a good understanding of how to use his speed to separate from his defender off the dribble.

#2. Floor Leadership
Purvis could play either point or shooting guard in college. He understands how to run plays and knows how to direct his teammates well. His passes are accurate and crisp. Purvis views the entire floor and makes good decisions about where to distribute the ball.

#3. Shooting
Purvis has an established repertoire of finishing moves inside of the 3-point arc. He closes quickly and doesn’t give defenders a chance to react. He relies heavily on his athleticism to create scoring chances. Purvis shows above-average ability when moving to his right or left and doesn’t appear to favor a side.

Purvis seems to enjoy attacking with the ball in his hands but he isn’t selfish. He can carry a cold team for an entire game when he’s on fire or convert limited scoring chances equally well.

#4. Size
Purvis is 6’4″ and 185 pounds. He has the body frame to add a little muscle in college which will help decrease his current lack of strength.

#1. 3-Point and Arc Shooting

Purvis’ weakness seems to be his perimeter shooting. He has a smooth delivery and consistent motion but he hasn’t landed as many 3-pointers and outside shots as might be expected. His effective shooting range seems to be 15 feet and closer.

Purvis did exhibit better shooting on the perimeter at the Nike Boo Williams Invitational but it remains to be seen whether he can do so regularly.

#2. Lack of Strength
Compared to other players, Purvis has average strength. He’s relatively lean and sleek. Because he’s still developing, he should outgrow this problem.

Despite his lack of strength, Purvis doesn’t hesitate to mix it up for a rebound. He’ll throw his body in and rely on his athleticism and speed to grab the ball.

Purvis currently has a verbal commitment with the University of Louisville. He should be able to carry over his exceptional scoring touch in college. His weaknesses should be minimized after time in a collegiate weightlifting program as his body gains muscle.

I’m a little concerned about whether Purvis can handle himself against some of the stronger players he’ll go up against. His lack of strength may hinder him a bit initially or at least until he can gain some more muscle.