December 31st, 2013 Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

This report covers the past 14 months and the main solar coronal mass ejection events beginning November 10th 2012. There were seven major CME events and 12 lesser solar CME events which have impacted Earth between November 10th 2012 and July 7th 2013. The solar activity has been back to normal since mid July 2013 and has remained so to date for approximately 6 months.

Northern latitudes and western countries were affected much more severely than other parts of the world but 80% of electrical generation has ended worldwide to date. On November 1st the solar activity began with dozens of sunspots appearing on all areas of the sun. Within nine days the sun turned totally black in color and the first mega coronal mass ejection struck the Earth. 80% of all electrical activity was ended in northern latitudes on November 10th and 30% was permanently ended in the rest of the world when electrical transformers were shorted and conmponents melted. Military transformer units (67) remained undamaged which were among the 335 total tranformer units in America which had ground resistors installed previously at a minimal cost of $50,000 each.

Eventually all the remaining 4704 American electrical transformers out of the original 5039 were severely damaged or beyond repair by CME activity. To date only 234 transformers have been repaired and back in service for a total of 569. All of the repaired transformers were wisely turned off at the time of solar EMP shocks and so were more easily repaired. These 569 transformers represents more than 12% of the previous electrical capacity before November 2012.

When the initial November CME struck people scrambled to provide food and water and basic communication in the first weeks. Most radios were severely damaged but 1 in 1000 approximately were still working at this early date in the solar disaster. In mid November 50% of the people were mildly ill with solar radiation exposure who did not shelter near south facing basement walls underground. This was the main means of sheltering against the heavy southern ionizing solar radiations during the daylight hours of CME impacts to Earth. But since only 1 in 1000 radios worked few people learned to shelter under south facing walls of basements during the daylight hours of CME impacts. And so most people died of solar exposure from lack of timely information. In mid December all military bases were instructed to print sheltering information flyers and distribute them to the local surrounding populations as much as possible. This executive order is attributed with saving over 50 million of the current 95 million population of the US from death from solar overexposure.

Civil unrest began immediatedly in November and people panicked to get food and water from local stores. Most stores were eventually completely looted of all foodstuffs in the first 3 months time. In these first few months the military split equally with nuclear containment and providing transport for food and clean water to the major cities of America.

As the crisis deepened 75% of the people weakened and developed solar radiation sickness and a total of about 15% of the population died within the first month from solar overexposure. Later at 2012 year’s end a total of 45% of Americans had weakened and died of solar overexposure which severely weakens immune function. Large community graves were dug in major cities and many individuals buried loved ones with hand tools in backyard graves.

50% of the military efforts in the first 30 days were devoted to nuclear containment of the nation’s shutdown nuclear reactors. All reactors were ordered shut down on November 5th when the sun turned deeply black with numerous sunspots. Seven nuclear reactors melted down in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio when the initial November CME struck and they were not able to maintain cooling of their shutdown reactor cores. All others were eventually shut down completely with great heroic efforts by the operators and with the extensive help from the military. Today 30% of all military resources are still needed to keep nuclear reactors and reactor cores and spent fuel cooling ponds safe and topped off with fluids.

Most populated areas of extreme radioactivity around the meltdown nuclear plants were evacuated to military bases and the extensive underground bases built since the 1950s throughout the USA. Other peoples more than 50 miles downwind were never told of the high raditation levels and remain mostly ignorant today. It was judged that little could be done for these areas and people even if they knew about the radiation danger. And a mass migration out of these areas would just make the surrounding areas more severely deficient in life support of foodstuffs and water. This triage of the US population was fully authorized by the president and military authority at the beginning of the solar and nuclear crisis.

At the end of January 2013 the decision to slaughter and preserve 50% of all remaining livestock was given by executive order. This was done to preserve the remaining grain supplies for people instead of animals. At this time only 45% of the US population was still alive and it was judged a good decision. Months later the remaining 50% of surviving animal livestock was slaughter except for small numbers that were kept for future breeding and regeneration.

In February 2013 by executive order the military was directed to capture and house underground samples of any wild animals and insects still living on the surface. Very few animals or insects were captured. By this time 99% of wildlife were dead from solar overexposure and 50% of all trees and plants. Most wildlife species were captured underground or in natural caves which few people knew about.

Little civil unrest occurred after March of 2013. Many people were ill from solar overexposure and most of the people had access to basic foodstuffs and water. A few people (1%) starved themselves to death rather than eat the bulk food meals of basic wheat or corn bread and bean and vegetable soups that local governments and military provided for them when meat and dairy foodstuffs ran out.

On April 15th executive orders came down to the military to provide truckloads of topsoil from outlying farmlands to the inner cities to grow foodstuffs. Large plots were planted with coldframes in all cities by individuals and work groups on public and private lands. Most surburban homes were directed to double dig compacted lawns to plant vegetable gardens. Additional grass and the topsoil was to be dug from the garden paths and placed on top of the garden plots to make raised beds with additional topsoil. Many small garden tractors were used to till garden plots and gasoline for them was a high priority during the Spring planting season of 2013. But so great was the need for small tractors that most people ended up using hand tools to doubledig their garden plots. It is estimated that 25% of total calories are now supplied by these new local garden plots in cities and suburbs and an additional 25% should be online within one year’s
time to feed the population.

Large scale grain farming is given highest priority but only about 7% of pre 2012 tractor farmed land was cultivated in 2013 due to severe gasoline and water shortages. Most farmers were directed to grow basic grains and vegetables for people as now most all largescale livestock had been slaughtered for human foodstock. Only government and essential businesses have access to any gasoline. All individuals must walk or bike whenever they travel locally. Only government, military, and critical businesses travel by airplane or helicopters as all non-essential air travel is ended as well as most railroad passenger services. Most passenger cars have extensive electrical damage to solid state curcuits and require extensive electrical repairs to become operational. Only about 10% of pre 2012 personal auto vehicles are believed to be operational or repairable in the near future. While 17% of commercial trucks which have been given highest priority
have been repaired to date at the end of 2013.

Current oceanic weather is extreme with many large hurricanes which have caused extensive damage to major ports and coastal areas. Seas are much rougher than normal and ocean fishing is an extremely dangerous occupation for those who have gasoline to pursue it. Most all military vessels have anchored or docked permanently until fuels become available. Most military ships have extensive damage to electronics and steering and control functions and have little real value to survival necessity of today. Most all naval crews (95%) have been reassigned or relieved to return home to families after the first 6 months of 2013.

Extensive secret military and government construction of 255 major underground cities in the USA begining in 1969 has largely mitigated the US situation. Secret stockpiling of large grain, dairy, and other foodstuffs and fuel has been well spent in areas to save many thousands of lives. The secret underground cities have taken in over 25 million of the general US population to prevent permanent harm and to preserve a core of technical skills. Most of these core people are the families of government, science, military and essential businesses.

Military and government planners have known since at least 1969 that a major solar event in 2012 would likely occur. This information was kept secret to prevent panic and to gain time to prepare to save a few millions of the US population. Only an elite 25 million of US society where deemed able to be preserve from harm. In hind sight many more could have been saved with simple timely information of sheltering against south facing walls of basements and protecting radios with simple aluminum foil during daylight hours from solar EMP shocks to receive timely CME solar information at night. Currently 95% of the US populations outside of the 25 million sheltered underground are believed to be sterile and unable to produce children as a result of solar overexposure from the intermitent 7 months long CME events. This is a staggering loss to the nation as each person not saved represents 50 man years lost of productive labor and expertise to the
nation. And each person weakened and unable to work from solar exposure represents a drag on the recovery of the nation.

The US population at this date at the end of 2013 is believed to be 95 million total with 70 million sterile and moderately weakened from solar overexposures. It is beleive that at least 220 million Americans have died in the past 14 months time from the major solar CME events or starvation and civil unrest.

The general national recovery plans are to withdrawl completely from most all outlying farms and lands and concentrate on only city agricultural developments and businesses until all cities are self-supporting in foodstocks. Large scale building of cold frame and greenhouses are underway and are the highest priority in all northern cities. Massive amounts of mulch from dead trees and shrubs are proving to be excellent natural organic soil builders for surburban and city gardens. Fruit, nut, and berry bushes are almost nonexistent as few survived. It is expected to take 10 years to clone, reseed, and reach a saturated supply of these foodstock plants because of the massive die-off of all plants. The nation is temporarily abandoning massive tractor farming and all animal factory farms due to extensive longterm fuel and grain shortages. The nation is depending on a future tree agriculture of fruit, nut, and berry bushes to be the eventual core
foodstocks in cities with vegetables, beans, and grains the mainstays until then. Only vegetables, beans, and grains are grown on larger tractor farms near major cities but gasoline is in critically short supply and not expected to last much beyond 2014 in most areas of the country.

Only the top few inches of soils were sterilized by the months long CME solar activity. Deeper soil organisms survived and quickly revived the upper soils again. But few weeds have sprouted and most all lands are brown with dead vegetation. By tilling the soils weed seeds which are deeper become active again and the land sprouts anew with green natural vegetation. The military and farmers have been instructed to till long strips of land leading away from cities to restore greens and weeds seeds to the surface for plant regeneration. Largescale work groups are hiking out of cities to dig many holes along the way to turn the soil to restart natural vegetation in mostly dead areas surrounding cities.
Over 50% of all domestic pets have been killed or died outright from exposure in the first 3 months of the solar storms. Large dogs over 20 lbs were ordered killed by executive orders in February 2013 to preserve grain foodstocks for people and to prevent harm to people and children from wild dogs running loose and looking for food.
The surviving population is much saddened by the great massive brown landscapes they can see in all directions around cities and also for the loss of most all wildlife, insects, and birds to probably extinction. But the cities and suburbs are becoming green gardens of massive food growing gardens and starvation has been ended in most areas. All surviving pets are cherished and pampered. The internet and home schooling is the new teacher of all children and will probably be the only education they will ever receive for many years. The general population is extremely passive and greatly weakened by the afteraffects of solar overexposure and weakened immune systems. It is expected that most will die 20 years sooner because of this solar exposure.

God has granted us a new reverence for all remaining life on Earth.


This and all of my 100 plus articles can be reprinted, translated, and posted anywhere without permission. — J.E. Ante