2012 GOP Field Shaping Up

With less than 18 months until the 2012 Presidential election, there is no clarity in the crowded, yet lackluster Republican Party field of candidates. The presumed front-runner, former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, is trying to ensure voters that he is someone who can be trusted; someone who will stand by his beliefs.

Romney is my choice for the Republican nomination due to his political pedigree and history of success in the business world, a prerequisite for fixing our economy. However, he has been dogged by the Obamacare plan that is strikingly similar to his Massachusetts healthcare plan. It is important to note that Romney is right to an extent about why the Massachusetts plan was viable, whereas the nation-wide healthcare plan is not. Such a plan can work in smaller domains, which is why universal healthcare plans work in Europe; they have much smaller populations than the United States. Romney’s argument is simple, yet logical, and more Americans need to understand that.

Joining the field of candidates is businessman Herman Cain. Cain is an interesting candidate for the Republican party due to his background but has virtually no shot to garner the nomination. With no experience in elected office, this Tea Party candidate is not a viable solution to face Obama. The Tea Party will not persevere as it is too radical and does not appeal to the voting mass. That combined with the fact that no United States president has ever had as little experience as Cain, bodes poorly for a Cain nomination.

Republican stalwarts Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have already thrown their hats into the ring. The one Republican who has national attention, but has yet to announce a run for office is Sarah Palin. For the sake of Republicans and the American people, I plead Palin and her supporters to keep their mouths shut and forget about a presidential run. Palin has absolutely no chance to win the election.

I thought the Palin VP nomination in 2008 was a smart move by the GOP. Put up an attractive, female governor on the ticket to steal Clinton supporters and independents. Boy did that backfire big time. Palin showed the world that she doesn’t know much about foreign policy after her Katie Couric interview. Then, Palin decided to resign as governor of Alaska to do a doomed reality TV show, latch onto the Tea Party, and say outrageous things that she felt would garner support. Unfortunately for Palin and Republicans, she only appeals to those in the GOP who don’t know squat about anything, and Palin has effectively made Republicans look stupid.

There is time for the Republican Party to find the right candidate for 2012. However, some of the candidates with no chance to win must step down soon and try to unite the GOP. Otherwise, Obama will surely win the election due to the schism that is currently present in the Republican Party.