2011 Top Trends in Shower Curtains

We tend to take shower curtains for granted. They are tools that keep water in the shower and out of the bathroom, nothing more. In truth, a fresh shower curtain is the quickest and least expensive way to give your tired old bathroom a thorough face-lift! It is like painting an accent wall, but with less expense and effort. Today there are literally thousands of shower curtain options, ranging from the cute and trendy to the elegant and classic. Choose the curtain that goes with your décor, or choose a few! There is no reason that you cannot change the look of your bathroom seasonally or even monthly.

Here are a few of our favorite shower curtains for 2011.

1) Nature – Nature themed shower curtains can lend a peaceful serenity to your private spa, bringing the beauty of the outdoors in. Leaves, tree branches and bird silhouettes are all possibilities in nature-themed shower curtains.

2) Canvas – For a clean and classic spa look, there is nothing as lovely as a traditionally plain white or natural canvas shower curtain. This style of curtain will brighten an otherwise dark bathroom, and it looks particularly appropriate with old-style footed tubs. That, however, is not the only place for a canvas curtain – it is as at home in any modern spa-style bathroom.

3) Picture Holders – These are one of the hottest new trends in shower curtains! They have picture pockets all over the outside of the curtain, allowing you to put your favorite memories on display. Or you can channel your inner artist, and take a series of photos for your curtain. With this style of shower curtain you can change your curtain without even having multiple curtains! Just take a few minutes to swap out photos, and you have a new curtain!

4) Patchwork – Patchwork curtains are fun ways to offer splashes of all different colors to your bathroom! These can be found in both bright and dark themes, offering the color palate that you prefer.

5) Vocabulary Boosters – What better way to multi-task in the morning than by improving your vocabulary whilst taking your morning shower? Vocabulary words on a shower curtain lend a whimsical theme to the bathroom and make the bathroom a more educational or, at least, a more amusing, place.

6) Sparkles – Sparkly shower curtains are, again, all the rage. Sequins and metallic curtains lend glamorous touches to your bathroom, brightening it with elegant aplomb. Available both in vinyl and fabric, these beautiful curtains will set the tone for evening events in your home