2011 Summer Accessory Trends – the “Playschool” Look

Summer is on the way, which means everyone is thinking about updating their wardrobe for the warmer weather. One thing you must not forget to do is update your accessories too. Bags, jewellery and sunglasses are a must to complete any look. One of the hottest accessory trends for summer 2011 has been called “playschool” – so named because the bold shades of primary colours are reminiscent of those found in children’s paint boxes. The playschool trend also includes neon colours, proving that nothing about this look is understated. If you want to be a stylin’ fashionista, check out some of these great ideas to brighten up your wardrobe!


This handbag is cute with a capital C. It embodies everything about the playschool look by being bright in colour, and it also fits one of the other 2011 summer trends ‘” the tiny handbag. Granted it won’t be practical for a lady who carries her life in her bag, but as an accessory to cheer up an outfit, it will be perfect!

This red bag from Morgan has a certain amount of retro flair and could easily be used to carry your things to the beach! There is plenty of room inside, and although £44 might seem an expensive product to take to the seaside, it will give your look a touch of glam.

For the daring lady, take a look at this fluffy neon bag! It is a lightweight, drawstring bag which would be ideal for carting around smaller items such as make-up and your cell phone. Not only that though, it will give off a girly, fun-loving vibe

which will make you stand out from the crowd!


Do you want to stand out when you walk down the street? Nothing will show off your earlobes like these green neon star earrings. They are bright, a little crazy and lots of fun!

A funky bracelet can liven up any outfit and this blue and gold bangle. It costs just £4.99 from New Look and is bold, bright and beautiful.

You might not usually look to Amazon for jewellery but this necklace is not to be missed! At a price of £14.99, why not treat yourself? With its vibrant colour against shining silver, it is a winning choice as a summer accessory.


Remember, bold is beautiful and that is just what these floral sunglasses are! The playschool style is all about colour, and these shades certainly have that! They cost £5 from Peacocks and are the embodiment of cheap and cheerful fashion.

Who can resist a pair of sunglasses called Jeepers Peepers? In bright blue, they have quite large frames so they might not suit every face shape. The large sunglasses have become popular in recent years though, so choosing these will make you super stylish!

There is no colour more sunny than yellow. However, it is a pretty hard colour to pull off. If you think you can do it, consider these “Hollywood” shades. Whether for the beach or just a casual stroll in the sunshine, they will make you look like a superstar.