2011 Santa Cruz 10K Race Results

If you participated in the 2011 Santa Cruz 10K race, visit 2011 Race Results to see how you did.

Using the above link, runners can find out how they did in the race, as well as how their running compares to other competitors.

To recap the race, 1,459 runners converged on Santa Cruz, California on Sunday, April 10th, 2011 to run the Santa Cruz 10K race. The race ran concurrently with the Santa Cruz half-marathon. Runners enjoyed a beautiful run along the ocean’s edge. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, with cool air and sunshine throughout the morning.

Crowds during this race were quite overwhelming, leaving many runners wishing the race organizers would cap 10K entries at no more than 1,000 runners. The finish line area was way too small and could hardly accommodate the thousands of runners and fans gathered there.

Anyone considering running this race in the future should beware that the race has several annoying flaws. First, parking is ridiculous in Santa Cruz. It cost $12 for us to park in the boardwalk parking lot, and most of the street parking meters have a two-hour parking limit, not to mention they don’t accept credit cards (bring a lot of quarters).

Runners also found that the return path was dangerous and not accommodating to large crowds. The return route had runners travelling on a small path along the coastline. The path is not very well maintained and, at most points, is hardly wide enough for three runners running abreast. Since the race organizers do not shut down the path for the duration of the race, runners find themselves running into bicyclists, walkers, and even surfers. I nearly tripped over a surf board lying on the run route and got a nasty look from the long-haired surfer who had laid it there (oblivious to the fact that thousands of people were trying to run by).

Another problem with this race, as the author found out, is that the race ends on the beach. For most runners, that is not a problem, but for anyone pushing a jogging stroller, it poses a severe danger to their child, themselves, and to other runners. Most jogging strollers have thin wheels meant for making running easier; they were not designed for sand. The race organizers should consider adding a plywood path for jogging strollers.

If you ran in this race and you’re wondering which good cause your entry fees will be helping, you’ll probably be disappointed to find out that this race was organized by Firstwave Events, which is a for-profit race organizing company. While they mentioned the “Mini Mermaid Running Club” on several occasions, and encouraged runners to donate to the club, they have not made it clear if they will be donating any of the proceeds from this race to that club or any other charity.

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