2011 Rock and Roll Tours Not Coming to San Diego

San Diego is a great place for rock and roll shows. We have Humphreys by the Bay, the Casbah, House of Blues, 4th and B, Cricket Wireless, the casinos, and of course, the crown jewel of the scene: The Belly Up Tavern. But sometimes, the big acts don’t make it down to America’s finest city. Here’s a look at the top 5 acts out on the road that will not be coming to San Diego this year and the ideal venue for them to play if they were.

5. The Cars
Back together after over 20 years of separation, this perennial new wave rock band has recorded a new album and is taking it to the people. Unfortunately, they have only announced 7 dates so far. But, Los Angeles is one of them. So in two hours, (or with traffic, you could be talking 3 plus hours), you can see a true rock treasure light up the Hollywood Palladium.
Ideal San Diego Venue: 2 nights at the Belly Up

4. Phish
The jam band extraordinaire is out on the road for the first time in years. Always a treat live, you never know what song or whole album they are going to launch into next. Phish will not be playing San Diego on this tour. They get as close as Los Angeles, playing the legendary Hollywood Bowl, but no SD dates. I really don’t think we have a venue to match their size and popularity.
Ideal San Diego Venue: none

3. U2
It’s the big rock and roll tour of the year from the biggest rock and roll band in the world! U2 are back on the road after Bono recovered from his back surgery, and they have brought with them an open air stage that allows them to play massive stadiums. The closest they get to San Diego is Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Hey, we got a professional ball park here, too!
Ideal San Diego Venue: Petco Park

2. Bob Seger
Why did I rank Bob Seger over U2? Sentimental, I guess, and because Seger is hinting that this might be his last go round. An icon of American rock and roll, the power house from Michigan is not playing any west coast shows. Would love to see Seger one last time but as of now, it’s not looking too good.
Ideal San Diego Venue: Cricket Wireless

1. Prince
The current Prince tour has been swooping into a town, grabbing it by the neck and blowing the roof off the place, leaving it breathless and begging for more. Prince is a musical genius and one hell of a live performer. And when he is on, no one can touch him. He has been doing extended runs in major cities across the country with his latest stop of 21 nights in Los Angeles. No way San Diego is going to pull this talent; where would he play? Los Angeles is only 2 hours away; I’m going!
Ideal San Diego Venue: umm — no, nothing around here that could house this once-in-a-lifetime event.