2011 NFL Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live Coverage

2011 NFL Draft is here and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ready to make their picks. The Bucs have eight picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. Who will they pick? Will they trade up or down? We will find out tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Like every other Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan, I will be keeping a close eye on the Bucs draft. Players will be listed as they are drafted. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a DE, an OT, a quick running back a CB or two depending on the situation with Aqib Talib, A linebacker. The Bucs made some great picks last year and hopefully they will begin today’s NFL draft with a bang.

2011 NFL Draft order for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are already rumors that the Bucs may try to trade up in the first round tonight if somebody they are seeking in the NFL draft falls to sixteen, the Bucs general manager Mark Dominik was on the phone yesterday afternoon talking to the Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith about the draft. I’m curious to know what player the Bucs have in their radar. 12PM draft day

1st round pick 20- Adrian Clayborn DE/Iowa-The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick up a tremendous DE, this is an awesome pick for the Bucs, the Bucs got one of the pieces they need ot make their defense better. Adrian Clayborn can rush a passer and he is good against the run. Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans, our team just got better, we finally got a pass rusher, check out his stats here This pick is a good start for the Bucs, if they use the rest of their picks wisely, the Bucs could really have a shot at the playoffs in 2011 if there is NFL football in 2011. It was cool to see the fans boo Roger Goodell, I was booing with them. Good job Bucs with this pick.

Good news for the Bucs in this draft is the Atlanta Falcons gave up four picks to pick a wide receiver in the first round, they gave up a 1 and 4 this year and a 2 and 4 next year.

The New Orleans Saints gave up a two this year and a one in next year’s draft to pick up Mark Ingram at 28 from the New England Patriots. Mark Ingram is a great RB, but at least New Orleans gave up a number one next year and a two this year.

2nd round pick 19- Da’Quan Bowers DE/Clemson-The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a chance on Da’Quan Bowers in the second round. Da’Quan Bowers was going to be a first round pick, but his reconstructive surgery scared most teams away and he fell hard to the 19th pick in the second round. Amazingly, most draft experts had the bucs picking Bowers in the first round. He is a risk becaus his knee was hurt, but he is an amazing DE if he heals and gets back to 100 percent. This pick was risky, but could turn out to be one of the Bucs best picks in the draft. I commend the Bucs for taking a chance on Da’Quan Bowers the leading sacker in college football until he hurt his knee.

3rd round pick 20-Mason Foster OLB/ Washington, The Bucs needed an OLB and they got one in the third round. I love how the Bucs are picking up needs to make the team better. Mason Foster seems to be a raw talent, but he should fit in well with the young Bucs, he needs to work on his pass defense, his best asset is his tackling, lets hope this guy does well on the Bucs. He does pretty well at reading the QB

4th round pick 19-Luke Stocker TE/ Tennessee

5th round pick 20-Ahmad Black/SS/Florida

6th round pick 22 from Kansas City-Allen Bradford RB/Southern California

7th round pick 20-Anthony Gaitor CB/Florida International

7th round pick 37 (compensatory)-Daniel Hardy WR/Idaho

The Past Four Prior Drafts for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2010 NFL Draft

1.03 McCoy, Gerald, DT, Oklahoma
2.03 Price, Brian, DT, UCLA
2.07 Benn, Arrelious, WR, Illinois
3.03 Lewis, Myron, CB, Vanderbilt
4.03 Williams, Mike, WR, Syracuse
6.03 Bowden, Brent, P, Virginia Tech
7.03 Grimm, Cody, LB, Virginia Tech
7.10 Watson, Dekoda, LB, Florida State
7.46 Lorig, Erik, DE, Stanford

2009 NFL Draft

1.17 Freeman, Josh, QB, Kansas State
3.17 Miller, Roy, DT, Texas
4.17 Moore, Kyle, DE, Southern Cal
5.19 Fulton, Xavier, OT, Illinois
7.08 Biggers, E.J., CB, Western Michigan
7.24 Stroughter, Sammie, WR, Oregon State

2008 NFL Draft

1.20 Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas -arrested and in trouble with the law
2.27 Dexter Jackson, KR, Appalachian State
3.20 Jeremy Zuttah, OG, Rutgers
4.16 Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
5.25 Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego
6.09 Geno Hayes, ILB, Florida State
7.31 Cory Boyd, RB, South Carolina

2007 NFL Draft

1.04 Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson -deceased
2.03 Arron Sears, OT, Tennessee
2.32 Sabby Piscitelli, SS, Oregon State
3.04 Quincy Black, OLB, New Mexico
4.07 Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse
5.04 Greg Peterson, DE, North Carolina Central
6.08 Adam Hayward, OLB, Portland State
7.04 Chris Denman, OT, Fresno State
7.35 Marcus Hamilton, CB, Virginia
7.36 Kenneth Darby, RB, Alabama

Get your draft party ready, the Bucs will be having a draft party at Raymond James Stadium today beginning at 6:30 PM, admittance is free, parking is free and the food will be discounted. Make sure you follow the 2011 draft and support the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Go Bucs!