2011 NFL Division Picks & Predictions, Playoff Contenders

Last year my preseason prediction nearly came true as I took the Jets and Packers in the Super Bowl. I got negative criticism when I failed to include the Vikings, Titans, and Bengals in my playoff predictions. Here are my 2011-2012 Preseason Division Predictions.

NFC East- NY Giants: Great draft, Vick comes back down to earth while the Giants reclaim the division.

NFC North- Green Bay Packers: Still have the pieces in place from last year, as long as they stay healthy, they will overtake the Bears for the NFC North Division title.

NFC South- Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan is a stud and is getting better every year. The Falcons big move in the draft to get Julio Jones could pay off huge this year, but even if it doesn’t, I like the Falcons’ chance to win the division.

NFC West- St. Louis: Is there any doubt that the Rams are the front runners in this division? Bradford takes steps forward this season and leads St. Louis into the playoffs.

Wild Card- Philadelphia Eagles: Although I am taking the Giants to win the division, the Eagles are a very dangerous team and capable of winning 11 games.

Wild Card- New Orleans Saints: The saints will be a pick of many to win it all after getting Mark Ingram in the draft, I won’t go that far, but they look like the best, or second best offense in the NFC.

Left Out: Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay, Detroit Lions (Not Yet Detroit)

AFC East- New England Patriots: Patriots had another solid draft although I am not sure if Vereen can give them the lift at running back that they need right away. The Patriots shouldn’t have a problem winning the AFC East this season.

AFC North- Pittsburgh Steelers: I doubted the Steelers last year and they proved me wrong. The Steelers are one of the best and toughest teams in all of the NFL. If there is a veteran team that can handle a long layoff and still perform at a high level, it is the Steelers.

AFC South- Houston Texans: Is this finally the Texans’ year? The Texans addressed their defense through the draft and should have enough to make the playoffs and even win the AFC South in 2011.

AFC West- San Diego Chargers: The Chargers should have an easy time of the AFC West, but isn’t that the case every year?

Wild Card- Indianapolis Colts: Peyton still has enough in the tank to lead the Colts to a WIld Card Playoff berth, and they will still be dangerous come playoff time.

Wild Card: New York Jets: Can’t Wait!

Left Out: Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs