2011 NBA Third Round Playoffs – Predictions and Great Expectations


Both pivotal game fours went into overtime. What else could fans ask for?
Yes, exciting endings to both game fives, and their wishes were granted.

In the end the Miami Heat had more in their gas tanks as this season’s MVP Derrick Rose sputtered at the end.

As for the West side, the oldest surviving team this yead had more left as the Dallas Mavericks out plays Kevin Durant and company.

1. The Chicago Bulls easily won game one at home. But the Miami Heat has since taken the momentum of this series as they won the next three, The Heat is now riding a 3-1 lead . They travel back to the United Center in Chicago where the Bulls are in a win or really go home for good game five.

2. In the West, the Oklahoma City Thunder stole game two. But that’s as far as they have gone so far, as the Dallas Mavericks stole two back in Oklahoma and is looking at going to the finals with a 3-1 lead. This series goes back to the American Airlines Arena in Dallas and the Thunder is facing a must win in the next three games.

These might not be the match-ups most people would want to see but both are still living up to the excitement NBA fans are expecting to see.


At the end of the Second Round, there is only one “old” team left in the NBA Final Four or the NBA Conference Finals.

And they are not even that old. But the Dallas Mavericks compared to the young guns of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Chicago Bulls and even the Miami Heat, are indeed carrying a whole lot of mileage in and out of the basketball court.

Most definitely, as the Post-season of this year’s National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Season went underway, it has been one old-and-tired team after another running out-of-gas and falling by the wayside. All of them having home court advantage but still losing all of their first home games. Nothing like this has ever happened in recent memory. And so it has become as such: out with the old and in with the new!

Now let’s look at this year’s NBA Conference Finals.

2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

the Top Seed Chicago Bulls vs. Second Seed Miami Heat

Both these teams are young. But the Predictions for this Eastern Conference Finals is a toss-up. If anything this might go all the way. And even with that, NBA experts are still divided as to who will take it all.

Being the top seed, Chicago does not only have the coveted home court advantage but they also have the 2011 Season MVP Derrick Rose. And they will carry that to the NBA Finals if they eventually move on.

Miami has the Three Kings of the East and that might be all they need. It sure was enough to easily oust the Defending and Perennial Eastern Conference Champions, the Boston Celtics.

2011 Western Conference FInals

the Battle of the 3rd Seed Dallas Mavericks vs. the 4th Seed Oklahoma Thunder

Now even though, the fourth seed have the younger legs, most NBA experts feel that the Mavericks have the edge on their Western Conference matchup. But most are predicting it would also go all the way, or at least to a game six.

Whatever happens, we can only be sure to expect, like in the East an exciting conference finals. And the Mavs sweep of the Defending Western and NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers will be remembered for years to come.

The Thunder like the Mavs look hungry for a title, but this year, it seems that the title will eventually be won by the hungrier and more composed team. Oklahoma has just finished a long and grueling seven game battle with the Memphis Grizzlies and are now facing an obviously well-rested and well-prepared Maverick team.

As of this writing, both conferences have played their first games. And the Bulls and the Mavericks have almost easily won their home court games. And it has only become as exciting as ever or at least since the start of the post-season.

So who do you think will win their conference crowns and who will advance to the next and final round?

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