2011 NBA Draft: Top 5 Point Guards

The 1990s in the National Basketball Association (NBA) there were several elite centers such as Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing and David Robinson. This decade in the NBA is the golden era of point guards. Therefore, many NBA teams in the NBA Draft will be looking to add a good young point guard to their team. Who are the best point guards in the 2011 NBA Draft?

#5 Nolan Smith
Nolan Smith has excellent intangibles. He has a high basketball IQ, maturity and excellent decision making skills. He can efficiently run an offense. Smith is excellent at reading defenses and making smart passes. He is a good defender that is can move his feet laterally to close down driving lanes. Smith also has good size to defend pointguards.

Smith has some weaknesses. He is an average athlete that lacks explosiveness. Smith may struggle in trying to create separation between him and his defender in the NBA. He struggles in the one on one game. He is inconsistent with his jump shot. Smith is also turnover prone at times.

Smith could be drafted by the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls could use a backup point guard to take some minutes from superstar Derrick Rose. The Houston Rockets would be good fit for him too.

#4 Jimmer Fredette
Jimmer Fredette is a great scorer. He has a good first step. He knows how to create his own shot and get into the paint. Fredette is an elite shooter with unlimited range. He can make tough off balance shots. He has a quick release. Fredette has a strong frame and excellent strength. He is a strong ball handler and good passer.

Fredette does have some flaws. Fredette is a weak defender. He has only average athletic ability. He has tendency when he cannot finish at the rim to take wild layup attempts. He is not a natural point guard. Additionally, Fredette turns the basketball over alot.

Fredette could be drafted by the Indiana Pacers. He could give them much needed scoring off the bench. The Utah Jazz and Charlotte Bobcats are other teams that may draft him.

#3 Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight is a big point guard with excellent speed and scoring ability. He is a good perimeter shooter. He has an excellent jump shot from mid range out to three point range. He has a great first step that he uses to get by his opponents off the dribble. Knight knows how to step his game up in clutch situations. He is a good defender.

Knight has some weaknesses. He is a solid athlete. But, he is not a huge leaper. He sometimes forces shots instead of taking what the defense gives him. Knight can be a streaky shooter. He is turnover prone. It may take him a few years to an become efficient NBA player with his lack of experience

Kevin O’Connor the general manager of the Utah Jazz has shown interest in Brandon Knight. Equally important, the Sacramento Kings are another team that may draft him.

#2 Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker is an excellent scorer. He has great speed, quickness and ability to change direction. He has phenomenal body control. Walker has a good pull-up jumper off the dribble. He is a creative passer with outstanding court vision. He has good defensive awareness.

Walker has some flaws. He is considered undersized at just under six feet tall. He will be matched up with bigger and stronger point guards. Walker’s lack of strength may lead opponents to pushing him around. Walker has a weakness of poor decision making. He can take bad shots and gets his shot blocked often.

Sacramento Kings might draft Kemba Walker so they can move Tyreke Evans to his natural position shooting guard. Toronto Raptors are another possible destination for Walker.

#1 Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving is a true point guard. He makes his teammates better. He has excellent court vision and passing skills. Irving always has a good sense of where his teammates. He has elite ball handling skills. Irving has an assortment of moves such as tricky stutter steps, strong body fakes and perfectly timed hesitation moves to beat his opponents. He is a good shooter and he can make shots off the dribble. Irving is also a good defender.

Irving does have some weaknesses. His durability is questionable because he missed all but eight games of his freshman season. He has a tendency to get out of control when attacking the basket.

Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in Kyrie Irving. They need a young point guard because Baron Davis is near the end of his career. Minnesota Timberwolves might draft him if he is not selected by the Cavaliers.

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