2011 Mercedes Benz E550 – Review of a Top Rated Luxury Sedan

Ranked as the Number 1 large luxury car for 2011 by U.S. News, the Mercedes Benz E550 Sedan combines classy and impressive styling with more than competent handling to lead the luxury car market. With its outstanding reputation and stand-out name recognition, Mercedes Benz once again meets its expected standards. The E550 not only provides a multitude of impressive safety features, but has more personalization choices than any other luxury sedan we found.

The 2011 Mercedes Benz E550 Sedan continues the tradition of understated elegance and classy design – both inside and out. The aerodynamically sound exterior was redesigned in the 2010 model with a more angular and modern design, and there are no noticeable changes this year. The exceptional interior has standard leather upholstery, and exudes traditional luxury. One downside for some is the somewhat somber color schemes; although for those used to first-rate quality and classic elegance, the E550 is comfortably familiar. The E550’s interior centerpiece it its Comand system, which interfaces with multiple electronic controls and monitors, provides Bluetooth capability, and more – all on a 7-inch display screen. Comfortable, spacious, and optional massaging seating are also luxurious.

The E550 comes with a standard 382 hp, 5.5 liter, V-8 engine with rear wheel drive, with all-wheel drive optional. The smooth and powerful ride adjusts to road conditions with its adaptive suspension, and although the many safety features are ahead of the competition and the performance is superb, the road handling is not as impressive as some of the sportier competition, such as the Audi 6 and the BMW 5 series. A new innovative development in the Mercedes E550 is the Attention Assist safety feature which alerts drivers at risk of becoming drowsy while driving. Attention Assist continually monitors up to 70 driving factors and if it suspects the driver might doze off, it uses both visual and auditory alerts to tell the driver to pull over, take a break, or drink a cup of coffee.

Average paid prices run from $46, 771 to $62,413, depending on option package chosen. Option packages are numerous, and include two different premium packages offering additional comforts and style as well as more safety features, and accessory styling package, a sport styling package, and a driver assistance package. With all the potential extras, pricing can increase rapidly. But Mercedes does not fail to please the discerning consumer with the E550 luxury sedan.


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