2011 ITG Heroes & Prospects Baseball Card Review

In 2010 and into 2011 Topps trading card company has the sole rights to print the teams of Major League baseball on to baseball cards. However, this has not stopped other companies from releasing baseball cards and in the first part of 2011 In The Game has released a product that is quite interesting.

2011 ITG Heroes and Prospects Series One is the product I am talking about today and a single box will get you only five baseball cards, but they are all “hits.” Mostly the product is made up of autographs from prospects, but there are some legends mixed in as well; and game used cards. The cards are packed inside plastic top loader protective cases with penny sleeves, inside the box; no packs to open here. I purchased a single box for $77 and shipping and here is what I got.

1. Hunter Morris – Between The Seams – GOLD
This baseball card of the Milwaukee Brewers left handed hitting prospect has a short print run of only 19 cards made in this style. It features the autograph on a piece of baseball centered into the card, with gold stitching on the edges of the ball piece. There is no book value on this card due to rarity, however, the Red version with a print run of 50 is valued at $50.

2. J.R. Murphy – Lumbergraphs
This autographed baseball card features catcher J.R. Murphy and the card design features his signature across the drawing of a baseball bat; no real bat piece here. The print run for these cards is only up to 100, which is not too shabby. This card is currently holding a book value of $15

3. Devin Mesoraco – Draft Year – Silver
The print run for this autographed baseball card is stated to be only 39 cards made. A neat designed autograph from the 15th overall pick of the Cincinnati Reds in 2007. Current book value is $12.

4. Bryce Brentz – Full Body Autograph – Silver
This autographed card of Bryce Brentz is referred to as the “full body” autograph due to the horiontal design of the card with the picture of him batting. There are also “close up” auto cards in ther series featuring a closer picture of the player’s face. The print run for this card is 390 made with a current book value of $15.

5. Christina Colon – Full Body Autograph – silver
The print run for this autographed baseball card is once again out of 390. Christian Colon’s card is currently only worth $10 via book value.

The 2011 ITG heroes and Prospects cards my not have the official MLB license in play but I dig the designs of the cards and think they showcase the autographs of the players way better than most Topps products. The autographs are on the actual card itself, which is always better than a signed sticker stuck on a card in my opinion.

My box via book value was worth the purchase, though if I were going to re-sell I would want to wait until one of these players really takes off because book value and reality do not match up on the sales floor of places like Ebay. I would probably be lucky to get $50 total for all of these cards sold together right now. Maybe I will test my luck. Currently the hot player to be found in these boxes is first base rookie for the San Francisco Giants Brandon Belt. Some of his 2011 ITG autographs are selling for over $150!

Great designs, simple, yet bold, I like 2011 ITG Heroes and Prospects baseball cards and will be getting some more when the finances allow it! Next time I’ll hope to pull a “hero” card.