2011 Indianapolis 500 Drivers

Everybody has a favorite Indy 500 racecar driver. Some favorites are chosen for their talent on the race track, some are chosen for their star quality, and others are chosen because they are good looking. All of these racecar drives are talented, have star quality, and are good looking. Who are your favorites?

Helio Castroneves — Before Helio Castroneves won the mirror ball in Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars, he was already a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. It was easy to understand why he was a fan favorite on the race car circuit, since he brought the same enthusiasm, energy and determination to the dance floor that he did to the race track. He soon proved he had a lot more going for him than a great smile and personality — he could dance. After Helio’s success on the dance floor, he went on to win the Indianapolis 500 again. His three wins at Indy were in 2001, 2002 and 2009. Helio, 36, started this year’s Indy 500 in 16th position and finished in 17th place.

Dario Franchitti — Franchitti, 38, is married to actress Ashley Judd. He has won the Indy 500 twice — in 2007 and 2010. He started in this year in 9th position, and ran near the top of the field early in the race. He, along with several other leaders, started dropping off rather quickly about half way through the race.

JR Hilebrand — Hildebrand, Jr., 23, started in 12th position in this year’s Indianapolis 500. Despite his being a rookie in 2010, he almost won this year’s race. With just seconds from a win, he crashed into the final turn. He still managed to slide across the finish line in second place.

Dan WhelandWheland, 32, started in 6th position. He had fallen back during the race, but managed to move up 16 positions for the 2011 Indy 500 win. He seized his opportunity when Hildebrand made a costly mistake that caused him to crash seconds before crossing the finish line.

Danica Patrick — Patrick, 29, is definitely more than just a pretty face. She started in 25th position in this year’s Indy 500, but she was able to work her way all the way to first place. With 12 laps to go, she was hoping for a yellow flag, but time ran out. After she made a pit stop, she could not regain her first place position in the race. Ultimately, she finished in 10th place. Rumors are that this will be Danica’s last year at Indy, and that she will be transitioning to NASCAR.

Starting Lineup
Helio Castroneves