Its almost ready to kick off the fantasy baseball reason and rotisserie and head-to-head owners surely have their teams drafted and ready to go. The rankings below are a guide for gauging value so this is how I think the starting pitchers stack up heading into the season.

1. Roy Halladay
2. Felix Hernandez
3. Tim Linecum
4. Cliff Lee
5. Clayton Kershaw
6. Jon Lester
7. Josh Johnson
8. Ubaldo Jimenez
9. Justin Verlander
10. Cole Hamels
11. Jered Weaver
12. CC Sabbathia
13. Tommy Hanson
14. Zack Greinke
15. Dan Haren
16. Yovani Gallardo
17. Matt Cain
18. David Price
19. Roy Oswalt
20. Mat Latos
21. Francisco Liriano
22. Chris Carpenter
23. Shaun Marcum
24. Ted Lilly
25. Max Scherzer
26. Clay Buchholz
27. Brett Anderson
28. Ryan Dempster
29. Brandon Morrow
30. Chad Billingsly
31. Gio Gonzalez
32. Daniel Hudson
33. Jonathan Sanchez
34. Madison Bumgarner
35. Javier Vasquez
36. Colby Lewis
37. John Danks
38. Jeremy Hellickson
39. Brian Matusz
40. Matt Garza

-Zack Greinke takes a nice tumble down the rankings due to the fact his broken rib will likely keep him out until the end of April. Greinke just started throwing the other day so we got a ways to go before we see his anticipated NL debut.
-From 20-23 you have the spring injury scares with Carpenter, Liriano, Latos, and Marcum. All but Latos have recovered but alll remain injury risks you should think about trading if you can before they get hurt again.
-Clayton Kershaw could be number 1 by next season. Just saying.
-CC Sabbathia is lower on my fantasy baseball rankings than most due to the division and the fact he has seen an increase in hit rate the last three seasons and a decrease in K rate. Its not overly obvious but its happening nonetheless. Still Sabbathia remains a stalwart ace in fantasy baseball circles once again.
-I have been sending out warnings all spring training about Clay Buchholz and how he will be big bust this season relative to what he did in 2010. He was one of the luckiest pitchers in baseball last season with his strand rate and BABIP and since he is not a strikeout guy, the correction that is coming this season will blow up his numbers. You heard it here.

That’s a wrap. Your respectful opinions are welcome. Lets hear it.