2011 Event 4: $5000 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout Tournament

The World Series of Poker for 2011 has a $5000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament as its 4th event of the series. The tournament starts on Thursday, June 2, 2011. As NLHE is the most popular format, this should be one of the more popular tournaments of the series in terms of the overall prize pool.

This freezeout tournament lasts 3 days, and it begins at 12 noon. Poker players interested in this event can get information on the structure at the WSOP official website.

PokerNews is also giving live reports of this freezeout. Click the link below to follow the action, including top chip counts and payouts.

Once the tournament is over, you may also check out the full list of payouts with the database at The Hendon Mob.

This article will be updated as this $5000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament is played out at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Day 1 continues, this tournament has had a huge turnout. 865 players have entered, and the winner will make $874,116.
81 people will get paid, with the minimum payout being $10,123.

There were about 250 players left after Day 1. Here were the top 10 in chip counts:

1. Gavin Cochrane
2. Victor Ramdin
3. Brian Lemke
4. Gregory Dyer
5. Dave Sands
6. Jordan Morgan
7. Matthew Braund
8. Jamie Rosen
9. Ashley Mason
10. Joe Tehan

Update: This is now a four-day event. They had enough people join that 3 days was looking like too little time to finish the tournament.

After Day 2, there are still 42 players left. Here are the Top 10 in chip counts:

1. Brian Lemke
2. Allen Bari
3. Ricky Fohrenbach
4. Sergey Rybachenko
5. Markus Gonsalves
6. Peter Gilmore
7. Michael Hahn
8. Steven Levy
9. Simon Charette
10. Richard Lyndaker

Lyndaker has already gone deep in the $25,000 heads-up championship and still alive for a second deep run. Brian Lemke is the only player in the Top 10 after Day 1 who is still up there after Day 2. However, previous leader Gavin Cochrane is still alive.

On Day 3, they got down to 4 players before halting play for the night. In this $5000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament, here are the final-table chip counts/finishing places going into Day 4:

1. Allen Bari 9,125,000 (in chips)
2. Sean LeFort 1,420,000 (in chips)
3. Nicholas Blumenthal 1,250,000 (in chips)
4. Maria Ho 1,200,000 (in chips)

5. Thomas Ross $189,574
6. Ricky Fohrenbach $142,821
7. Jesse Chinni $108,914
8. Mikhail Lakhitov $84,033
9. Farzad Bonyadi $65,535

In the conclusion of this tournament on Day 4, Allen Bari took his big chip lead and won his first bracelet. Here were the results of the Final 4:

1. Allen Bari $874,116
2. Maria Ho $540,020
3. Sean LeFort $348,128
4. Nicholas Blumenthal $255,028


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