2011 Blog Posting SEO Guide| 1 in the World According to Google

This 5 minute blog posting SEO guide I wrote on June 15th has been feeding me: it remains number 1 for blog posting SEO guide; here is the updated version:
2011 Blog Posting SEO Guide:
There are millions of conflicting guides to how to do SEO (search engine optimization) yourself and a few really expensive courses that are always outdated before the first course is ever taught, even before the professor got out of school, and before he took his first class.

The best advice for the novice is to install a WordPress blog on their own domain and install and configure the plug-in: all-in-one-S.E.O. Pack: WordPress properly configured this way does all on-site SEO automatically. WordPress properly configured and used is an SEO machine:

Now all you need is this: how to post well from an S.E.O. point of view on any well configured blog, including this one:

  1. Title ‘” the title tag on a blog is the most important factor in ranking that post for the desired words: use up-to 7 key words (connecting words are not counted) and do not use any punctuation rather than these characters: | ‘” _ .
  2. The body ‘” must contain those same key words at least once (do NOT do ‘˜key word stuffing’, once or twice is enough, or whatever is natural)
  3. The tags or ‘˜key words’ ‘” must contain the same words, leave out the connecting words, and separate each word with a comma only ‘” do not add words that are not relevant to the post.
  4. Immediately digg.com, facebook.com, and twitter.com the post or page.
  5. Re-post the article all over as a partial article, with a “read more about _ _ _ here — ‘ or read the rest of the article about m_ _ _: yup, those spaces are the same key words, and should be linked to the post
  6. Post regularly to establish a pattern with the robots to revisit the page, DO NOT TELL THE ROBOTS WHEN TO COME, LET THEM DECIDE

Of course there is always more to learn, but these simple instructions will work every time. Happy blogging! Oh, BTW, we can include training:
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