2011 Belmont Stakes: Schedule and Predictions on Who Will Win the Race

The Belmont Stakes is the third and last race in the famed Triple Crown series. It takes place at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY. The 2011 Belmont Stakes is running on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

The Belmont gets very exciting when the same horse wins both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes because of the chance of a Triple Crown winner. However, this only happens every once in a while, and there will be no Triple Crown winner in the Belmont this year. Shackleford won the 2011 Preakness after Animal Kingdom won the Kentucky Derby.

As of Sunday, June 5, 2011, the 2011 Belmont Stakes odds have Animal Kingdom as the favorite. He is sitting at +300. Next up are Nehro at +450 and Shackleford at +500. The odds for the other horses are as follows:

Master of Hounds +1000
Santiva +1500
Mucho Macho Man +1500
Brilliant Speed +2000
Jaycito +2000
Stay Thirsty +2200
Prime Cut +2500
Ruler on Ice +2500
Monzon +3500
Harlans Hello +3500
Isnt He Perfect +4500

The way these horses have run so far, it would be hard to give a good prediction. Mucho Macho Man’s odds have gone down since the Kentucky and Preakness (the Belmont is longer), so there may be some good value on that pick if he is in top shape come Saturday. Shackleford seems to have the energy to run the more challenging Belmont, so he could be a good pick. I will include predictions of some handicappers as race time approaches.

According to SB Nation, as of noon on Saturday, here are the updated odds:

1. Master of Hounds, 4-1
2. Stay Thirsty, 17-1
3. Ruler On Ice, 35-1
4. Santiva, 13-1
5. Brilliant Speed, 9-1
6. Nehro, 7-2
7. Monzon, 31-1
8. Prime Cut, 22-1
9. Animal Kingdom, 5-2
10. Mucho Macho Man, 7-1
11. Isn’t He Perfect, 34-1
12. Shackleford, 10-1

I might go with Mucho Macho Man in this one. His odds have improved from 15-1 to 7-1, as he looked really good at 15-1. Of course, this is just a prediction. It’s not easy to pick any race. Animal Kingdom is still the favorite, and Nehro is second in odds. Mucho Macho Man has increased to 3rd, and Shackleford has dropped to 5th. Brilliant Speed is now 4th in odds.

NBC handicapper Mike is going with Animal Kingdom, while Bob is going with Master of Hounds.

Odds Update: Shackleford was a late riser in the odds. He was down to 6 to 1 minutes before the race started.


SB Nation: Current Belmont Stakes Odds