2011 Back to School Hairstyles for Teachers; Teachers Need Attention Too

When September 2011 rolls around many parents, teen girls/boys will be searching for back to school hairstyles, but what about the teachers? Teachers need those fast and easy hairstyles just as much as anyone else, especially when they have those school meetings and have to be to work earlier than expected.

Here you will find a few easy back to school hairstyles for teachers that are quick, fun, and will make you look like that fabulous teacher you always wanted to be no matter how little time you have in the morning.

Huge Flat Bun With An Array Of Clips

This style can be created on short, medium, and long hair as long as you have enough hair to be placed into a ponytail.

You will need a ponytail holder, assorted size hair clips, comb, smoothing gel, and 2 bobby pins.

Smooth your hair out. Make sure your hair is knot free. Place a part in the front, or slick it straight back. Pull tightly into a ponytail and secure it with a ponytail holder.

Then wrap the hair around like you are creating a bun. But instead of concentrating on the bun being high make it flat as possible. Place like 3-4 different size barrettes into this bun. Not only will the barrettes give you a unique look, it will also help flatten the bun more. On each side place a bobby pin for extra secureness, and spray with hairspray if desired.

Quick Natural Styles Within Minutes

Not all styles require heat. You can do loads of looks without any irons or blowdryers. Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail. Then using your two fingers on your right hand grab in the middle of the ponytail and make a hole. Holding the hole open with the two pointer fingers take the length of the ponytail and pull it through the hole. Make the bangs swept to the side, straight across, or slick them straight back. A fun and chic style within minutes.

Another easy back to school hairstyle for teachers is the high volume crown with messy ponytail.

Ponytails are still hot for 2011. All you need is a comb, ponytail holder, and a cute headband.

Smooth the hair out to get rid of any tangles. Then tease the crown area as much as possible. Slightly backcomb it so you now have that Snooki type poof. Using the length of the hair create a ponytail. Leave the ponytail smooth, make it curly, or go with the messy look. Place a headband on, and your ready for school.

Beach Waves With Texture

One thing I love about this look is it can be created on any length of hair, and still have that sex appeal to it.

You will need a hair mousse, thin curling iron, and a sea salt hair mixture.

Shampoo and towel dry your hair. Work the mousse into your hair, and make sure to really concentrate on the roots and ends. Take both hands and scrunch the hair for 10 minutes. Now spritz some sea salt onto your hair and scrunch again. Once your hair is fully dry, you can twist the hair around your fingers for a more defined curl, or use the curling iron.