2011 American Idol Predictions

2011 “American Idol” predictions are nearly impossible. The field of remaining contestants is perhaps the best ever in the annual competition. There are favorites for sure and people who could sneak up to win the overall competition. There are also contestants who continue to emerge as the competition evolves. It’s almost impossible to place 2011 “American Idol” predictions without thinking of another way the show could possibly unfold. In fact, when it comes down to fan voting, it’s always going to be impossible on seasons when the competition is this tight.

But I’m going to take my annual stab. I said weeks ago that Lauren Alaina has the pop appeal and pro performance level to take home the 2011 “American Idol” title. She might also do well because she can sing many different genres. She has the sass to do country but she could also tear up a Kelly Clarkson tune.
For that reason, I’m sticking with Lauren Alaina in my 2011 “American Idol” predictions.

Here’s how I think the next few weeks will go down. I fully expect Stefano to get booted in the next week or so. He or Paul is the most likely candidate to exit in the short term. While both would have been strong competitors in years past on “American Idol”, neither stands a chance to win the overall popular vote as the competition begins to unwind. You never know but I just don’t think either has the mass appeal it will take to win the competition.
Both are extremely talented but both also will probably find their fan base shrinking as the voting becomes crucial over the next few weeks.

I think the final five on the show will be Pia Toscano, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Jacob Lusk or Casey Abrams. That last spot continues to change in mind on a weekly basis. But I am fairly confident the final four would include Alaina, Toscano, McCreery and Durbin.

I think Abrams and Lusk both are incredibly talented. But they are going up against all around performers like Alaina, Toscano and Durbin who already seem beyond seasoned for this competition. I think McCreery is another incredibly popular guy who will stay deep and continue to earn nearly every country vote possible(those that don’t go to Alaina.) I think Haley still has the possibility of playing “sleeper” and sneaking further and further into the competition because of her potential wide appeal.

But in my 2011 “American Idol” predictions, I think Alaina, Toscano, Durbin and McCreery open up a tremendous final four. Alaina is an incredibly polished performer that I think will prove her ability to do slow, fast, rock, country or any other genre. Her ability to be versatile I believe so far sets her apart from Toscano(who has shined on every slow song she has tackled.) While Toscano is probably the most amazing singer in the competition, I believe Alaina is the most ready for a super successful country music career. Alaina is absolutely the girl next door and she hasn’t provided one instance where America might think different. In fact, my 2011 “American Idol” predictions have Alaina and Durbin in the final two.

Durbin is such an overwhelming burst of fun energy every single week. He has such a positive attitude and seems to be the best part of many good parts of the fun ride that is “American Idol” in 2011. If anyone is to uproot Alaina as she continues to improve, it might just be Durbin. His story is so great that there is little if any doubt that America already loves the guy. He has an infectious smile and his ability to sing high notes as a male perhaps only is rivaled by Adam Lambert. I still think Alaina will win the competition because at the end of the day I am fairly confident that America will want to see her recording music the most. Does that mean she’ll be the most successful of the 2011 “American Idol” alumni? Maybe not but it sure does seem like she’ll be on a path directly similar to Carrie Underwood.

Can Pia Toscano win the overall competition? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a performer on “American Idol” that has ever given me chills so often. She’s perhaps one of the best live singers since Celine Dion. Her ability to sing fluidly and with such amazing vocals is perhaps the strongest on the show. I just don’t feel like America will vote for her because she just doesn’t seem to have the mass appeal that a Lauren Alaina or James Durbin does.
No matter who wins 2011 “American Idol”, there will be three to four other potentially great stars in the making from the show.

Who else is capable of winning? I’d love to see Casey Abrams win the overall title because he is so overly emotional. Jacob Lusk can sing the lights out but I can’t imagine he’ll draw the votes it will take to win against some of his peers who have broader appeal. McCreery would be a surprise and would illustrate the power of country music viewers for “American Idol” if he did somehow pull it off. He has the pipes and will inevitably make a lot of money in country music–if he can steer clear of getting confused with Josh Turner. But at the end of the day, I think Alaina will bring in the most votes on a weekly basis without seeing a huge drop off. That’s usually what seems to be the prevailing factor for those who do win–getting a consistent amount of votes over the weeks of the competition and picking up votes where others are voted off. In fact, I am fairly sure that when McCreery is voted off the majority of his votes will be shifted to Alaina. That will be such an overwhelming and huge boost that I feel Alaina will take the top prize–at least that’s according to my 2011 “American Idol” predictions.