2011 Acura TL Review

During a recent trip home for the holidays I got the opportunity to test drive a family member’s 2011 Acura TL.
The experience was quite rewarding, so I decided to share my overall review with anyone and all in the market for a classy, upscale, luxury car that is truly affordable to the wallet.

Style Features.

Unlike the 2010 Acura, an image for sore eyes with it’s ugly pointed chrome grille and sharp angels at the trunk, that drew negative critique in general, the 2011 is a revelation that stands out as an edgy, modern alternative to it’s pricey competitors.
The 2011 Acura sports a beak-like grille, sleek lines and curves. I really like the accent line that runs all through the length of the car, starting from the head lights and ending at the tail lights. Yup, that really got my juices flowing!

Another feature notably rectified from older Acura models is the trunk cargo room. The inadequate space that was a crucial problem for owners has been replaced with exceptional room with back seats even folding down for that extra long snowboard. The brake cooling ducts in the front bumper is a cool addition, pun so intended.

The Acura TL 2011 comes in two distinct trim levels.
1. The base level, comes with front drive, 280 hp., a powerful V 6 engine and a suspension built for comfort and smooth riding.

2. The super all wheel drive model, drives a sporting 305 hp. VTEC 6 speed transmission with a suspension that directs power to the tires with an added grip. It can also direct most of the engine power for more sporting suspension to the outside rear wheel during sharp cornering. And with a 5.2 seconds from 0 to 60mph, you just can’t go wrong there.

There is also a Choice of 18″ or 19″ wheels.

Interior Features.

The Interior features of the 2011 Acura TL are also to die for. It is extra spacious, comfortable and luxurious in every sense. Refinely accented with brushed metal that compliments French stitch soft leather upholstery, a making for instant visual appeal. Add heated power front seats, dual zone automatic climate control, rear view camera, sliding moon roof and you’re in for a ride, baby! A very smart alternative to the luxury Sedans like the Lexus ES 350.


Performance wise, I found the luxury oriented cruiser to be of exceptionally, unsurpassed reliability, making for a first class vehicle.

With a 6 speed transmission, the Acura torque can actually split it side to side on the rear axle and give extra power and rotation to the outside rear wheel to cataract the inherent tendencies of an all wheel drive car. A super handling of an all wheel drive.
The Acura TL has more torque power, tighter turning radius and more mileage with a VTEC system than most of it’s competitors.
Sharp steering at slower speed or driving on crusty roads can lend to an overall exciting performance.
The music sound system, a 440 watt thriller has a 10 speaker surround system.

Added Features.

In reviewing the Acura 2011, I found access to the technical package an added bonus. By pairing up with Bluetooth, cell phone, iphone, download all phone numbers with voice activate button, one just has to call out the number and instruct the cruiser to dial, a much needed feature.
A fully integrated navigation system that one can use from the controls on the steering wheel, audio controls and controls on the dashboard
Access to a radar map and weather map can be a welcome asset when the need arises.
And than there is the keyless entry and start up.


With 6 airbags, an ace body structure that helps crash compatibility between different size vehicles, the Acura lives up to the hype as a class leader in car safety. It scores perfectly on all crash tests conducted by the US government. Quite the top safety pick in my eyes.


The interior has rather limited head room in the middle rear seat, making it good only for smaller sized occupants
The steering can feel over sensitive at times for some drivers when requiring frequent correction on the freeway.
The cluttered dash lab makes controlling the navigation audio and climate system rather complicated.


The 2011 Acura TL starts at a moderate $36,000 and can go to $44,000 plus for the all wheel drive and various packages. It has the luxurious feel of a car that costs twice as much, which is a good feeling, anyway you look at it.

The re-sale value is not as high as the Lexus ES 350.

While the Acura TL 2011 attracts a wide population from bankers, brokers, lawyers and video conferencing fanatics, it also appeals to the working mother, car racer and degree chasing computer wiz’s’.
So if your credit score is in par, don’t hesitate, go for the gold, go for the AcuraTL 2011,
You are so ready to hit the road jack!


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