2011: A Year of Restoration (4)

We must mention the nation of Israel if we really want to talk about divine restoration. They understand what it means to be in pain, bondage, slavery, famine, war, confusion, scarcity, crises, as well as plenty, victory, freedom, prosperity and divine protection. Sometimes, they found themselves in extreme desperate situation and suddenly, the everlasting hand of the Almighty intervenes, pulling them out of the mess. Many times they have found themselves in situations that would have led to their extermination, but God came in rescued and restored them. Remember He had promised that His love would always be on them. He said that He would never never forsake them. Even sometimes when He would be dishing out punishment to them because of their sins, you almost immediately, hear Him also promising to restore them if they will return back to Him. That is God for you. He doesn’t like His people to be destroyed. He will always provide a way for our escape.

Today, you shall escape from whatever that has kept you in pain, in poverty and sorrow. You shall escape from all that has made your life difficult. You shall escape from all the attacks of the enemy against your family, against your finance, against your health. Even if it’s God’s punishment that had brought the problem, as you repent today, God will give you a way of escape in Jesus’ name! He said that He will make a way of escape for us even with the same problem. That is, he will transmute the problems into solutions. Yes, your enemies will unconsciously become the instruments for your promotion. Your worries turning into your joy. I don’t know what is causing you sleepless nights, God will turn them into objects of praise from now. There is restoration come you way immediately. You will see it. For the fact that you came in contact with this message, something catalytic has already been injected into your situation in the spirit.

Now, let’s go back to Israel. We will just take one instance out of the numerous cases where they experienced God’s restoration power. Look at 2 Kings 6:24-25, “Some time later, however, Benhadad of Aram mobilized his entire army and besieged Samaria. As a result there was a great famine in the city…” Israel did nothing to warrant this attack, then, the consequence also became too fatal for the nation. One of the worst in their entire history. Now, sometimes, you wonder why people should go through some of the things they are going through. Or even yourself. Haven’t you been through some things that you are yet to understand why you went through them? You did your best on the job, but instead of commendation, you received a sack letter. You put in all that you have into that relationship, but was suddenly pushed away when you least expected. When you thought that you were breaking through, all of a sudden your finances, project began to crumble like a pack of cards. Everything started melting away in your hands. Like the enemy of Israel, the devil mobilized all his army of demons to attack you and all that are yours.

I like the word used here in my translation (NLT). Besieged! Besieging simply means to attack from all sides. To surround a place or people with armed forces and keep them there. Suddenly overwhelming your opponents with attacks. Sometimes, this is also what we experience. You suddenly begin to see the darts of the enemy piercing through every part of your life; like everything is falling apart. The more you try to gather, the more they disintegrate. This was exactly what the Israelites experienced. They were still talking of the deadly unprovoked attacks of the enemies, famine showed up. The famine was so severe that they were killing their children for food. Everybody, including their king was helpless, and had resigned to fate. In fact, they lost their faith in God. The king was heard asking why he should ever trust in God anymore. He became angry with God, His prophets, himself and with the whole situation.

In the midst of this perplexities, the word of the Lord came that food shall be surplus in the land within 24 hours. Most people did not believe it, but it came to pass. God used four rejected, hungry and desperate lepers to dislodge their enemies and also turn their economy around overnight. They began to live in peace and plenty. Even the once frustrated lepers instantly became very rich. There is nothing God cannot do. You just have to believe His word, wait, and you see it happening in your life. His word cannot fail. God cannot lie. Look at restoration coming to your situation now.