2010 Chevrolet Traverse: Positive Experience, Positive Drive, Positive Bank Account!

Owning an automobile can often be a painful experience. Between maintenance, repairs, gas and the ever increasing volume of children entertaining themselves with argument, it is often difficult to see the positive joys of vehicle ownership. Being in the automotive industry, I have owned, operated, and be responsible for the maintenance on a vast majority of automobiles. Many of these automobiles require a considerable amount of attention after a distinguished amount of time or miles. Given the experiences I have at work, I take an extended look at the automotive market and the vehicles offered prior to making a purchase.

About a year ago, my wife and I purchased a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse which seats 7 reasonably full sized passengers comfortably. The vehicle is the 2LT option package equipped with rear entertainment center and stereo controls, USB iPod connection, OnStar, redundant steering wheel controls, and all wheel drive. All of these features provide a strong benefit for the vehicle in terms of first look and long term enjoyment.

The rear entertainment center keeps the children occupied on both short and long road trips. The rear stereo controls allow the rear passengers to listen to music on the stations or inputs which are not in use by the front passengers.

Space in the Chevrolet Traverse is not difficult to find. There is adequate room for the passengers to enter the vehicle and remain comfortable for the extent of the trip. Front storage compartments and the power rear lift gate make storing take-alongs possible as well as easily accessible.

Pleasantry also brings itself into the picture through reducing the required time spent at the local repair shop for the vehicle. However, if you do find yourself on the side of the road broken down or with a dreaded flat tire, the OnStar road side service will be right there to pick you up and get you going again through GM’s extensive road side service network.

While my wife and I have spent many winter months on the road in Iowa, it was not until our winter experience with the Traverse that we were not found struggling our way to work. In comparison to the trucks we use to own to make it through the winter snows, the Traverse maintain a respectful 21 mpg through the winter, pushing its way through the snow with its well calculated all wheel drive system. Combining this benefit with GM’s well known traction control system, I was in no worry waiting for my wife to return home from work.

Again, with several years in the automotive industry, experiencing the performance of nearly every make, model, and class of vehicle I must say all around performance, quality, and family comfort comes from the Chevrolet Traverse.