20 Ways to Express Love in Marriage

While romance, flowers and consideration are often a part of courtship, they tend to diminish after the wedding. Wise men and women make an active effort to keep love and appreciation alive. This is a simple thing to do and husbands and wives normally know the best way to reach their spouse. It may be with a token gift, an action or a surprise call and the results can be amazing.

5 Surprise Gifts for a Spouse

Most people love to receive gifts and a surprise gift is even better. Here are some suggestions of presents that will mean something to a marriage partner:

  • A tool or some supplies the person can use to pursue a favourite hobby.
  • An item he or she has mentioned several times but could not justify buying for himself or herself.
  • Tickets to a favorite singer’s concert or a football game.
  • A personalized item such as a mug with his or her name on.
  • A handwritten voucher offering to cook dinner, tidy the garage or do any task the other person needs a break from.

5 Special Actions Towards a Husband

Most men work long hours and provide well for their wives and families. These are simple ways of showing appreciation:

  • Greet him with a long passionate kiss after work.
  • Have his slippers ready by his chair.
  • Offer him a drink once he has said hello and relaxed after work.
  • Praise a husband in public and acknowledge his strengths.
  • Go to a basketball game or car race with him.

5 Special Actions Towards a Wife

Women also work long hours, whether at a job or in the home. Small gestures from their husbands can give them the encouragement they need to persevere:

  • Call her during the day and tell her she is very special.
  • Listen carefully when she speaks and make good eye contact.
  • Take her shopping and be patient.
  • Make a point of remembering birthdays and anniversaries and celebrating them with her.
  • Allow her some spending money just for herself.

5 Ways of Saying “I Love You”

These ideas are focused more specifically on romance and love:

  • Send a romantic e-card by email.
  • Call the person’s favourite radio station and ask the DJ to play a love song and dedicate it to him or her.
  • Write love notes and tuck them into lunchboxes, bathroom cabinets and underwear drawers.
  • Cook breakfast and serve it on a flower-laden tray.
  • Produce a bowl of hot water and offer a soothing foot soak and scrub as a stress reliever.

Most men and women love receiving little surprises and with some thought and effort, it is easy to show love to a marriage partner. Most people prefer small but regular expressions of love to one extravagant expression every couple of years. Be creative, come up with a new idea every few weeks and have fun putting them into practice.