20 Long Years and Ryan Giggs is Still Mesmorizing

If I was ever given a chance to just sit down to have a bite and a pint with any athlete in the world, I would definitely choose Ryan Giggs, of Manchester United. To say he is amazing is honestly the understatement of the century.

Born and raised in Cardiff, Wales, Ryan was discovered by current Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, at the age of 14. Sir Alex showed up at Ryan’s house ready to take him under his wing with promise of turning professional at the age of 17, which has been a worthy investment. On March 2, 1991, Giggs made his debut and never looked back.

In a club that has housed many very skilled, lucrative and famous players such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, Giggs has been there through it all. Gladly taking the backseat while other stars took the limelight, Giggs has always shied away from the camera when possible, content on working hard for his club and winning some silverware at the end of each season.

Giggs was known for his tremendous dribbling, shattering defenses by running through them. One extraodinary example of his performance was the FA Cup semi-final in 1999, which was the season Man Utd won the Treble (and coincidentally the season I finally found a chance to watch some of these matches). By the term “Treble” I mean Man Utd has not only claimed the title in the English Premier League by staying number one at the end of the season, but have managed to defeat against German club, Bayern Munich in the Champions League, with Giggs scoring and assisting in the semi-final and final of this competition, and they went on to win in the FA Cup Final. Three amazing pieces of silverware hard earned by Manchester United that year, with tremendous help from Ryan Giggs.

In the 2000s, Ryan never ceased to give everything he has in him, and even up to this season, 2010-11, is maintaining a record of scoring in every season since the Premier League’s inception.

However, where as 25 year old Giggs would be in the middle of everything, 30+ year old plays a little bit deeper in the midfield, controlling the pace and setting up the goals more and more. His contributions against Chelsea in both legs of the Quarter Finals recently (3 assists in the 3-1 aggregate) display how much talent he still contains in those brilliant legs of his.

When Giggs played for Wales, during international competition, he still managed do some amazing moves but international tournaments are a far different playing field. Most on the Welsh team aren’t up to par as Giggs would like. Despite retiring from international duty in 2007, he has stated he would gladly come back in emergency cases, mostly to help Wales with qualifying for the Euro 2012 competition. There are also rumors that Great Britain will unite for the 2012 olympics, with Giggs as captain!

Long story short, with very little disciplinary issues, tons of super stars who looked at him at one point or another with awe, respect and for advice, many of us, within and outside of the Man Utd club feels Ryan Giggs should be knighted. When that happens, and I do believe it will, I will sell my kids to Thailand to be at the ceremony.

The fans at the Old Trafford Stadium have a banner that’s been floating around for a long while now, and it will basically summarize what my long-winded article has said:

“Ryan Giggs has been tearing you apart since 1991.”