1st Amendment No Longer

Have I died and gone to hell? I swear some days it seems like it thanks to the bumbling spineless fools we have in office in Washington DC and on MSNBC. What I am referring to is the backlash that Tennessee pastor Terry Jones has faced for publically burning the Quran which is now being blamed for the senseless slaughter of a reported 20 people and three days of Muslim protests in Afghanistan.

Now this is where the crossroads are on the subject for many. Let’s set the record straight…personally I feel that burning any nation’s flag or any religions holy book is wrong and distasteful. It disgusts me more than I can properly express here. It’s wrong plain and simple…however in America it is our first amendment right. In the past I have been publically vocal against protesting Muslims stomping on and burning the American flag, but after I calmed down I realized to stop them puts a stop to our rights as a free republic. So we must grin and take it so to speak, but does that mean that we cannot exercise our right to our own freedom of speech? Like I said I would never personally resort to that myself, but if Pastor Jones feels that it is appropriate to burn the Quran then he has every right as an American to do so. Does that mean that the riots that broke out and left 20 dead and countless injured is his fault? No it is not!

The atmosphere in Afghanistan is insane to say the least. The potential of violent riots there are on a hair pin trigger to say the least. Even if the Quran burning didn’t take place I’m sure it was only a matter of time before something else in the world…most likely the United States…would have set them off. Tension is high and violence seems to be the answer for everything in Afghanistan. I’m sure Terry Jones intentions here were to tick off the Muslims especially those that enjoy burning the Christian Bible and burning the American flag, and he should have known that something bad somewhere would have happened in rebuttal, but to hold him accountable for the deaths and riots is insane. What is even more insane is the fact that now Harry Reid is calling for an investigation in the Senate and that some of our wonderful political leaders are implying that the 1st amendment doesn’t count anymore because it offends Muslims. Well my short response to them is who cares if the Muslims are offended they obviously don’t give a damn that they upset Christians and Americans when they burn the Bible and the flag or kill Americans for that matter. Who are we really protecting here?

First and foremost is this. The burning may have happened here in America, but the riots and deaths unfortunate that they are happened in AFGANASTAN and last time I checked we have no legal jurisdiction over there. Secondly I don’t care who you are or how important you think your religion is…no one and I mean no one is above the first amendment! So Harry Reid before you start pointing fingers and calling for an investigation you better think twice about stepping on the Constitution, because there are enough Americans out there that will have your little senate seat for doing just that! While we are at it Lindsey Graham should rethink his censorship rant he gave on this subject as well! I guess a small part of me sees the point he was trying to make, but censorship in this way is a violation of the first amendment pure and simple.

Now I know I may be sending mixed signals here…I know that earlier in this rant I said I would never resort to book or flag burning however a part of me is glad that Terry Jones did just that. I mean as a Christian I know I was taught to turn the other cheek, but I for one am sick of doing that. I’m sick of seeing my religion attacked and mocked by not just Muslims, but by the left in this country. This leads me to my final point. Time Magazine editor Bobby Ghosh was on MSNBC saying that burning the Quran is not the same as burning the bible. WHAT!?! Did he smoke one too many in collage burning his brain cells? To Christians the Bible is the word of God himself just like the Quran is to Muslims! In actuality if you read some of the early Quran some of the stories are borrowed directly from the Old Testament. So not only is his statement irresponsible it did nothing but make him look like a moron in front of everyone! Who are these people really fighting for? Obviously not the American culture…maybe all of Washington has converted to Islam and we haven’t seen the memo yet!