18 Noteworthy Events that Happened on April 18th

If you think that today, April 18th, is just another boring day, think again. April 18th has made history repeatedly over the centuries. Though not for it’s springlike (or lack thereof) weather, these historical events are nothing to sneeze at.


Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott gave warning that “The Regulars are coming out”. Later, the phrase “The British are coming” was attributed to Paul Revere.


On September 18th Chileans celebrate their independence. However, the road to independence was still fought for another eight years earning their total freedom on April 18th, 1810. An entire week of parades and festivals are celebrate their independence.

1906 San Francisco earthquake,

The great San Francisco earthquake hit California on this date in 1905. Originally 700 were said to have lost their lives. Later this number was claimed to have been three to four times the original estimate of life loss.


Famous Yankee Stadium was opened in the Bronx. On this date, The Yankees beat The Boston Red Sox 4-1. John Phillip Sousa’s band played the National Anthem for the opening ceremony.


Crossword puzzle fans were delighted on this date in April of 1924. Simon and Schuster, Inc. published their first “Crossword Puzzle Book.”


Laundry was never the same again once the worlds first “washateria” (later changed to laundromat) was opened in Fort Worth, Texas.


Washington Senators and The Philadelphia Athletics game was honored by the presence of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt when he threw out the first ball preceding the season opener.


Hayley Mills – Actress (“The Parent Trap”), singer was born.


The first transatlantic jet passenger trip was completed.


Albert Einstein’s Died


Eric Roberts – Actor (“Doctor Who”, “The Coca-Cola Kid”), brother of actress Julia Roberts was born as was Actress Melody Thomas Scott (Young and The Restless)


Renowned Actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco were married. The religious ceremony took place the following day.


On the third Monday of every April Patriot’s Day is celebrated in Maine and Massachusetts. Dramatic battle reenactments are held and the entire community celebrates.


The transfer of the Panama Canal to Panama was formally approved by The U.S. Senate on December 31, 1999.


Robert Mugabe became Prime Minister of ZANUOPF/ZAPU-PF coalition after a violent election campaign. All relations with South Africa were severed.


Band Group YES broke up after 13 years of performing together.


The Nasdaq had its biggest one-day point gain in all of history.


Marlene Dietrich was given honorary citizenship after leaving for The United States in 1930. She had refused to return to her homeland of Germany after Adolf Hitler came to power.

So next time you think of today as simply another day, think again. All of these events impacted the world in one way or another. What will you do to impact the world today?