1500 Crew Laramie Longhorn 2011 Review

This review will be focus on different kinds of things. I will be describing the Mpg, and the different colors to choose from. I will be explaining the Design and the outline of the wonderful truck. Like the storage, capability, Innovations, the safety and the security, and the price to. In addition, I will put how many people have tweeted and how many people face booked to.

The Mpg: The mile per gallon is cool you go to 14 cities and 20 highways before going to full up that is how great this truck is. It is save the money in this economy. The different colors you can choose from deep cherry red crystal pearl to sagebrush pearl coat. There is five to choose chose the one you want.

The design you can choose it the way you want. There is full power, high-bolstered, broad-shouldered driver’s seat. Different kinds wheels to choose from. The following ones are available to pick from steel, aluminum or chrome-clad wheels now this so awesome that you get to make your own choice. In addition, even a quiet door for a smooth ride. This is just beginning.

Storage The storage in this truck so spacey. The capability of the storage is so amazing it has in-floor storing bins, a two-tier center console to. In addition, even available is the ram box. With waterproof storage composts to. The truck bed can fit many things from a golf bag to a bike to.

Capability Absolutes, there is tons of muscle in the hood and though out the frame tons of excellent incredibly soft and smooth ride. In addition, even the pulling power right at your fingertips. In addition, the pride of having in your reach.

Innovations whether it is a 3g wifi in the navigation or a powerful rear mirror the other excellent features to choose. You might have to live without a wonderful thing we will have to see.

Safety & security people love to push there trucks to the limit that’s why this truck has a hill start assist and trailer away control to. The powerful frame has tons of features to adsorb impact from every angle to and helps with all cargo.

Cost the cost of this truck starts at $ 20,810. Many people tweet this wonderful truck and a lot of people face book it to.

A truck I would rate it a perfect 10 because of the wonderful things it has and can do for the driver. So if you are going to buy a truck choose this one. You will not be disappointed. I cited it from the following address. http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/2011/ram_1500/features/