12 Types of Artisan Hot Dogs in Oklahoma and South-Central Kansas

We have made our own types of artisan hot dogs at home. We top them with chili, cheese, mustard, ketchup, onions, kraut, relish and cole slaw. We may not add all the items at once, but the combinations of coneys with these ingredients can be astronomical. We have also substituted sausages for wieners on some of our coneys.

I am sharing what artisan hot dogs are, how many types there are and where you can buy these types of hot dogs in Oklahoma and south-central Kansas.

What are artisan hot dogs?

Artisan hot dogs are those that are dressed up with other toppings besides mustard and ketchup. For example, a chili cheese coney with mustard and onions is considered an artisan hot dog.

How many types of artisan hot dogs are there?

The actual number of artisan hot dogs is limitless. The combinations of toppings to any hot dog can change from creator to creator. Not only can the number of combinations change from person to person, they can change from area to area and restaurant to restaurant, too.

Also, the types of buns and wieners used to make a hot dog can change it from a traditional hot dog to an artisan hot dog.

Where can you buy artisan hot dogs in Oklahoma and south-central Kansas?

The following are restaurants and fast food establishments I know of in Oklahoma and Kansas to buy artisan hot dogs. My family and I have eaten at these locations.

Sonic Drive In – south-central Kansas and throughout Oklahoma

Sonic has five types of artisan coneys. They have their standard footlong quarter-pound coney. This hot dog has the standard bun and wiener. They add chili and cheese to it as their standard footlong. You can add onion, mustard and jalapenos to it. They have their standard-size chili cheese coney, too. The same ingredients are on this hot dog. You can add the other ingredients mentioned for the footlong.

Sonic also carries, for a limited time I think, The New York Dog, which has sauerkraut, spicy brown mustard and grilled onions. The Chicago Dog has pickle relish, mustard, celery salt, sport peppers and a pickle served in a poppy seed bun. The fifth artisan hot dog is the All-American Dog, which has mustard, chopped onions and relish.

We have eaten the footlongs, short chili cheese coneys and the New York Dog from Sonic.

J&W Grill – Chickasha, Okla.

While J&W Grill is best known for its fried onion burgers, they do have a mean artisan hot dog on their menu. They start with a standard hot dog add slaw or kraut over the chili, mustard, cheese and onions.

My husband and a friend of ours have eaten these types of hot dogs several times. They have become addicted to them when we eat there while in Oklahoma.

Dog and Shake, Wichita, Kan.

Dog and Shake has six different types of artisan hot dogs. All of Dog and Shake’s hot dogs come with onions, relish and mustard. They have a regular dog with cheese along with the regular toppings.

They have a chili and chili and cheese coneys. They have a kraut dog and a spicy polish sausage dog. Their hot dogs are served on an a bun that looks like a piece of Texas toast shaped as a hot dog bun.