12 Signs He’s Cheating on You

Are you suspicious of your man lately and having thoughts and worries that he may be with another woman? Unfortunately most woman will wonder this many times throughout a relationship, whether it be a strong accusation or just a quick thought in the back of their mind. In my experience and observing from friends of mine, I found these signs almost always lead to a cheating man…

#1 Phone and Computer
has he started password protecting his phone or computer? has he become more hesitant to let you use them? does he frequently have an empty inbox and outbox or delete his browsing history? does he keep his phone away or off when he is with you?

#2 Habits
has he started caring more about his personal appearance? is he taking better care of his body or “toning up” at the gym? has he started buying new outfits and cologne? is he taking more trips to the ATM for some extra cash to have on him for “miscellaneous buys”? is he listening to a new music he never had that you aren’t sure where he got it from?

#3 Physical Evidence
have you noticed lipstick or foundation on his clothing? smelled a strange perfume on him? noticed some unexplained hickeys or scratches on his body? found a hair tie or clip in his stuff?

#4 Social Life
has the “friend” portion of his life suddenly increased? does he go out more often, and can’t answer or talk on certain evening? is he making frequent excuses why you two can’t hang out like you used to?

#5 Stories and Lies
has told you elaborate stories about why he was absent or delayed? has he had a reduction in eye contact when asked about suspicious situations? do you find him lying a lot more often? is he talking about a story he hasn’t told you but insists or assumes he has already told you about it?

#6 Jealousy
has he been becoming more and more jealous? is he always asking where you are going and why you were out so long? has he been accusing you of things you haven’t done? is he getting mad at you and finding small details to use as evidence that you are the one cheating?

#7 Change in Relationship
has he suddenly stopped talking to you as often? is he becoming more cold and inconsiderate of your feelings? has his affections changed drastically to much stronger or weaker to you?

#8 Unusual Attention
is he buying you gifts all the time? is he starting to help out around the house more or with the kids? has he just been all around more attentive to you? has his guilt led him to do these things?

#9 Picking Fights
has your man been finding little things to start a fight about? has he been getting mad about stupid things so that he could storm out of the house? has he become moody or snappy for no reason?

#10 Changes In Sex
has he been disinterested or distracted during sex? has he avoided making love to you? or on the other hand has he been more “freaky”? has he begun doing new things and new positions that you aren’t sure where he picked them up from?

#11 Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater
do you know for a fact he has cheated on someone before? has he cheated on you once before?
once a man cheats, he is almost definitely going to do it again

#12 Your Intution
do you just know he’s cheating? can you just feel it?
if your gut is telling you he is cheating, he probably is

Remember, these things may not always be the case. Most of the time all men will have some of these qualities or do some of these things, but any more than 4 is probably a strong sign. Just make sure you are positive and get enough proof before you jump to any conclusions.