11-Year-Wait for ‘Scream 4’ Nothing Compared to Young Girl’s Wait for ‘Toy Story 2’

COMMENTARY |Yahoo! Movies reports that “Scream 4” is finally hitting the movie screen Friday after the Monday premiere in Hollywood, Calif.. The fourth installment of the “Scream” series comes 15 years after the first film was released and 11 years after “Scream 3,” the most recent sequel.

There have been many movies that have waited a long time in between the original and the sequel, including “Toy Story,” which is my favorite film series.

The original “Toy Story” was made in 1995 and I went to see this with my dad when I was just 8. I was really excited about this movie and I loved it so much that he even took me to see it again a few weeks later. I had all of the dolls and toys from the movie and would play with them all day long if I could. I was really excited to think that there was going to be another movie in the series, as I heard “Toy Story 2” was in the works.

“Toy Story 2” was highly anticipated but it ended up not being in cinemas until 1999, four years after the original movie. This is a long wait between movies, especially when you are a young child and really enjoyed “Toy Story” like I did. In 1999, I was about 13 and although I was a little old to see the movie I still really was excited that it had finally come out.

I did go see “Toy Story 2” in the theater on opening day and even skipped school to go see it. I remember it was crowded at the movies and I took my little sister with me because I did not want to feel weird since I was a teenager seeing a kid movie. In order to get my mind back into “Toy Story” mode, I watched the DVD I had of the original the day before I went to see the second installment, just to remember what the movie was about. I remember looking at my little sister during “Toy Story 2” and just smiling because seeing the second installment just took me back to my childhood. I remembered how much fun I used to have with all of the “Toy Story” toys I owned and began laughing because it seemed like so long ago.

I felt so good when I saw “Toy Story 2” because it was a big relief for me to finally see the movie I was so anxious about when I was younger. The best part about the four years in between the two movies was that I was able to take my younger sister and share the feeling of the movie with her. It also helped me appreciate the animation and art that went into “Toy Story 2,” which was better than “Toy Story:” That made the four-year wait a little less painful.

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