11 Ways to Reuse and Upcycle Plastic Easter Eggs

The eggs have been found, the baskets are put away, the candy’s been eaten. But if you’re like us, the collection of plastic Easter eggs seems to magically double every year. Then after the holiday, we look at the growing hoard and wonder what on earth to do with them until next year. Should we throw some out, stash the eggs, or find other ways to recycle them?

The following are 11 ways to reuse those plastic Easter eggs, as well as some crafty ways to upcycle them:

1. Organize your button supply

Any serious crafter has a big jar of buttons somewhere in their craft stash. But what a pain to search for one button, and have to empty the whole jar! Reuse and upcycle those plastic eggs into button organizers; use the color of each egg to store the coordinating button color for instant craft organization.

2. Create hunts for other holidays and events

Who says egg hunts have to be for Easter only? Try something new this year and reuse eggs for a birthday party hunt. Or pick out just the red and pink eggs for a twist on Valentine’s Day. Searching for red, white, and blue eggs could be a fun 4th of July activity!

3. Upcycle into fun Christmas ornaments

What better way to create kid-friendly Christmas ornaments than with plastic Easter eggs? After all, they’ve already got the holes in them! Let your kids paint the eggs with craft acrylics, draw on them with permanent markers, or glue on craft accessories. Be sure to glue the eggs together after adding your metal hanger.

4. Make a holiday wreath

Reuse those Easter eggs in another holiday craft. Take a regular plain grapevine wreath and glue the plastic eggs onto the branches with hot glue. Next spring, you’ll have a fun new seasonal decoration to pull out.

5. Create seed packets

Plastic shells are the perfect size containers to reuse for storing garden seeds. Simply write the name of the seed on the egg in permanent marker. Or, after you’ve cleaned out the pumpkin seeds from your jack-o-lanterns, dry then store in the eggs until you can plant them in the spring.

6. Upcycle into a found-art sculpture

Why not use plastic Easter eggs as a fine-art medium? Try a bas-relief sculpture by gluing onto a flat base, to be hung later. Pull shells apart for flat gluing. Arrange eggshells in a decorative way, and add other items. If you don’t want the pastel colors to show, paint with a spray primer, then paint in your color of choice.

7. Recycle by donating

Keep those eggs out of a landfill and inspire some creativity by donating plastic eggs to a local art teacher. Even if you don’t have the craft energy or inspiration to upcycle them, guaranteed an art teacher will!

8. Decoupage

We tried something new this year and decided to upcycle our plastic Easter eggs into something better — fancier, craftier Easter eggs. Use ModPodge or diluted white glue and brush tissue paper or lightweight scrapbook paper over the eggs for a unique decorating twist.

9. Reuse them as filler

Need a cheap, lightweight filler for storage boxes or mailed packages? Voila!

10. Reuse as other decorations

Pull out red and green eggs and display as a unique Christmas decoration this winter. Planning a graduation open house for your high school senior? Use eggs in their school’s colors as table favors holding M&Ms for guests. Pile eggs in coordinating colors in display jars at a crafty wedding reception.

11. Reuse eggs as seed starters

Plastic Easter eggs already have drainage holes, so they’re perfect to recycle as seed starters. Simply add a little bit of soil, your seeds, then store upright in a styrofoam egg container.

Looking around, you may be overwhelmed by your number of plastic Easter eggs (and rightly so). But there are a multitude of ways to upcycle and reuse them, rather than just stashing them away until next year or (gasp!) throwing them in the trash. Do yourself — and the environment — a favor, and get creative in finding new uses for these plastic treasures!

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