100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know by Cindi Leive and the Editors of Glamour

100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know by Cindi Leive and the Editors of Glamour isn’t just a cookbook, this is a guide for women on how to move through life ‘” and eat great while doing it.

Book Description

“Once upon a time, there was an easy roast chicken recipe, handed down by a fashion editor at Glamour magazine to her assistant, who was in search of a dish to prepare for dinner with her boyfriend. She made the chicken. Her boyfriend loved it. He had seconds. And shortly thereafter, he proposed. But that’s not all: Three more young women at the magazine made the chicken for the men in their lives who then, in short order, popped the question. Glamour published the recipe'”dubbing it, naturally, Engagement Chicken'”and since then, the magazine’s editors have heard from more than 60 women who have gotten engaged after making the dish.

Commitment-phobes be warned: This bird means business!

Of course, there is more to life than weddings. And there’s more to this cookbook than Engagement Chicken. 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know also includes 99 of the magazine’s other most-loved, best-reviewed dishes, all designed to get you exactly what you want in life, exactly when you want it. From Prove to Mom You’re Not Going to Starve Meat Loaf to Impress His Family Chardonnay Cake, these recipes will help you cook with passion and persuasion. And they’re all written with your real life and real needs in mind. Because whether you’re a novice or an expert, cooking should never be intimidating'”and it should always be fun.

Don’t miss these easy, essential recipes:

· He Stayed Over Omelet

· Skinny Jeans Scallops

· No Guy Required Grilled Steak

· Let’s Make a Baby Pasta

· Forget the Mistake You Made at Work Margarita

· Bribe a Kid Brownies

· Hers and His Cupcakes”

‘” 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know

My Thoughts

100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know is a collection of some of the best recipes you will ever need to prepare. If you are a woman that doesn’t cook very often, this is really for you. It is a pretty cookbook and even though there aren’t intimidating pictures of all of the recipes, it is very helpful. The recipes are easy enough to master after a few times preparing and without that picture perfect version of what it “should” look like, it really doesn’t seem so scary to try them.

I wouldn’t start out trying the “Engagement Chicken” recipe first, though you could if you really want to. Some of my favorites that I tried out for myself include:

  • All-Grown-Up Deviled Eggs
  • Beyond Basic Broccoli
  • Complexion Soup
  • Fancy Pants Coffee and Ice Cream Sundae
  • He Stayed Over Omlet
  • Season Finale Shrimp
  • Sexy City Cocktail
  • Yes, I Make My Own Salsa

If you love to cook or if you are just starting out cooking, this is a fantastic book that will have you cooking some seriously delicious recipes in no time. I highly recommend this cookbook to all of you.

* Thank you to the publisher of 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know, Hyperion , for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed are my own.