100 Days of Summer – A Family Scrapbook

Summertime offers parents a priceless and limited-time opportunity to engage their children without the restraints of having to schedule fun activities around school and homework. A “100 Days of Summer” scrapbook is the perfect project for spending a memorable vacation while documenting the experience.

The idea is to use the scrapbook as an incentive to come up with an original activity for each day that the children are out of school. It is an inexpensive way to spend three unforgettable months. The only supplies needed are a 50-page scrapbook (or one per child) and a camera. If the camera has a date stamp, use it! This will make it easier when organizing the pictures in chronological order. It is a good idea to purchase a memory stick designated specifically for this endeavor. Of course having a photo printer would be ideal; but not essential. Pictures can be developed at local outlets and many offer weekly discounts and coupons.

Sit with the kids and together come up with a list of experiences that they would like to have during the summer. It is not necessary to fill every day since opportunities will present themselves. The beauty of this project is that days do not have to be filled with extravagant visits to amusement parks or outings to expensive new-release movies. Even a simple idea can turn a regular day into an extraordinary memory. For example, the children can put on a play. They can begin by writing the play, then choose costumes, design the set and finally create the programs. It costs nothing and yet it is a priceless process!

There are always opportunities to fill the one activity per day quota. If it’s getting late and an activity has not been documented, head outside with a glass jar and collect some fire flies. Another idea is to print out a star chart, lay down outside and try to identify as many constellations as possible. The kids will not even realize that this is an educational activity because they will be having so much fun star gazing.

Although it may be difficult, try to limit yourself to only three good pictures per day. The idea is to condense the summer into one amazing book. Getting the pictures printed and into the scrapbook can be an activity itself. Make an identical book for each child. This will keep the process easier and increase compliance. At the end of the vacation, it will be fun to revisit those great days of summer documented in a very special scrapbook. The “100 Days of Summer” will be a treasure that will live on in family history and in the hearts and minds of your children.