10 Zany Road Trip Stops Across America

Road trips are always boatloads of fun. Eating junk food, stopping to use gas station bathrooms, and generally enjoying the company of the people with you and the feel of the open road are all some of the things that we love about road trips. Then there are the places we choose to stop and stretch our legs. Here is a list of 10 unique road trip stops across this great country.

1. Sylacauga, Alabama Meteorite Monument- In November of 1954 a star fell on Sylacauga, Alabama. It was a meteorite; the rock fragment fell through the roof of one Mrs. Hewlett Hodges. The meteorite bounced off her radio and then hit her in the leg. The place has since been marked by a monument to the meteorite and the rock fragment is now on display in the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

2. Cano’s Castle- This is a man-made castle put together by a man named Cano. The castle is built of beer cans and various other forms of recycled refuse. The creator of this castle is somewhat eccentric and accepts donations from those that offer them. The castle is located in Antonio, Colorado.

3. Vent Haven Museum- This museum located in Fort Mitchell Kentucky is the only museum in the world devoted solely to the art of ventriloquism. For visitors of this museum you can expect to see hundreds of ventriloquist dummies and read about the art in depth.

4. World’s Largest Light Bulb- This attraction is located in none other than Edison New Jersey. The enormous man-made structure sits atop a tower and is a monument to the great inventor and rests in Menlo Park.

5. World’s Largest Praying Hands- This structure boasts two accolades as the largest pair of praying hands and the largest bronze sculpture in the world. The monument is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is located at the entrance of Oral Roberts University.

6. World’s Largest Chest of Drawers- This Highpoint North Carolina attraction was built to commemorate the city’s status as the home furnishing capital of the world. The enormous chest of drawers was originally called the Bureau of Information.

7. Allen County Museum- This is not what you would expect to see when you visit a small town museum. The museum has a collection of items related to the infamous John Dillinger, a horse drawn hearse, and much more. This museum is located in Lima, Ohio.

8. Mutter Museum- This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania attraction boasts medical oddities from the past few centuries. Visitors can see preserved oddities, replicas, and things like the big colon, soap woman, and much more. Be sure that you have a strong stomach before visiting this museum.

9. Minister’s Tree House- This massive 97 foot, so far, tree house located in Crossville Tennessee is a testament to what people will go through for their personal belief. Ordained minister Horace Burgess claims that God came to him and asked him to build the massive tree house.

10. Devil’s Rope Museum- This museum in McLean Texas is devoted completely to the art of barbed wire. Learn all that you could ever want to know about types, sizes, styles, and uses for barbed wire.