10 Ways to Wear a Necklace

It’s an optic illusion: Every woman has a pair of plain black slacks in their closet with a few mix-and-match shirts. In today’s economy, who has the extra money to go out and buy a new wardrobe? By choosing a couple basic pieces of jewelry and how you wear them, can change your current wardrobe with minimal cost. This article will even explain how you can use your accessories to make yourself look taller and thinner.

The “in” look these days is to wear lots of accessories. Piling up the bracelets, wearing big earrings and layered necklaces is the way to go, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money and crowd your jewelry box to get that look.

All you need is a 60 inch neutral necklace, such as black, gray or white beads and an 18-20 inch necklace that matches the first one. By using these two necklaces either separate or together can be worn many ways. Here, I will explain how you can change one necklace ten times to make an outfit look different.

1. Just by wearing the 60 inch necklace one time around the neck elongates the torso to make you look taller and thinner.

2. Now, twist the necklace one time and put around your neck again. This way, you can double the necklace or pull one strand of the necklace to make one loop shorter and one loop longer. This gives your the “layered” look with just one necklace.

3. With the style in #2, you can add a pendant, or brooch. The pendant or brooch can be worn on both loops, on the shorter loop or on the longer loop. Wearing the pendant on the shorter loop, pulls the eye up and away from your waste. Wearing the pendant on the longer loop elongates the torso to make you look taller and thinner and wearing the pendant on both even loops, gives you yet another look.

4. Wear the 60 inch necklace three times around the neck. This gives you more of a choker style, which is good to wear with wide open necklines or “V” neck lines.

5. Add a pendant to #4 style.

6. When wearing the 60 inch necklace as a choker, you can add the shorter necklace for a layered look as well.

7. Add a pendant to #6.

8. Take the 60 inch necklace, unclasp to open up and wrap around your waist to create a belt. To adjust the length, use the clasp to hook the appropriate loop and the end of the necklace. This will create a loop down your hip. You can leave the loop there or you can add the pendant to gather the access chain to create some bling.

9. Wearing the longer necklace as a belt does not limit you to wear a necklace also! Add the shorter necklace while wearing your belt. But wear the pendant only on the necklace around the neck OR on the belt.

10. Use the 60 inch necklace and wrap around your wrist to create a bracelet.

Now you can have fun with how you accessorize your current wardrobe with only two necklaces and a pendant. Mixing and matching all these styles are a lot of fun and will give you the freedom to change your current wardrobe at very little cost. Don’t forget the earrings, bracelets and rings!

Happy accessorizing!