10 Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

Jobs interviews can be nerve racking! How long do you think interviewers practice their serious look in the mirror? I would guess a whole lot because they seem to be awesome at it. The fact that you are nervous means that you really do want the job so that’s a good start. These are some of the things that you definitely do not want to do at a job interview.

1. DO NOT for any reason show up late. You might as well not show up if you are going to be late. I’ve actually done that before. If you are late, it is almost guaranteed that you are not getting the job. Ok, so their are some people that may be understand and may give you a chance anyways, but you do not want to take that risk.

2. DO NOT ask how much you will be getting paid. You do not want to seem like that’s your main purpose for showing interest in the job. It may be one of your reasons, but the person interviewing you does not need to know that.

3. DO NOT look at the time. You cannot appear like the interview in an inconvenience for you and you are in a hurry to leave. You need to be an active listener. Show interest in what is being said so that the interviewer knows that they have your attention.

4. DO NOT chew gum. That is extremely rude and distracting. It may be a good idea to chew gum on your way to the interview to ensure that you have clean breathe but you should get rid of it before you go to the interview.

5. DO NOT flirt. Even if you interpret the interviewer’s actions to be flirtatious, do not participate. That is inappropriate.

6. DO NOT go empty handed. You need to bring a pen and notepad to show that you are interested in the job and are prepared. Taking notes show good work ethics also. You also want to do your research on the job position and company so that you can have an educated conversation with the interviewer.

7. DO NOT disrespect your former employers. When asked why you left previous jobs, it’s not a good idea to start listing all the negative traits of your former employer. The interviewer may not trust you to leave the job you are applying for with a flattering review of him/her/the company.

8. DO NOT show that you are nervous. You don’t want to twirl your hair or bite your pen while being interviewed. The interviewer knows that you are nervous but they don’t expect you to demonstrate it to them. Try to calm yourself down before the interview so that you don’t have to embarrass yourself with nervous habits.

9. DO NOT answer your phone. Just because you said excuse me before you picked up the phone does not make it appropriate or respectful. In fact, your phone should be turned on silent or vibrate while in the interview. You do not want your phone to ring, especially if your ring tone is not office appropriate.

10. DO NOT end the interview. This is important. Make sure the interview only ends when the interviewer ends it. You should not get up and prepare to leave before being dismissed. You should not inform the interviewer that you have another interview to go to and need to leave right away. Make sure that you get signals from the interviewer that clearly states that the interview is over. You definitely don’t want to appear rude.