10 Ways to Better Organize Your Home

There are different ways to look at the organization in a home. There is the everyday organization of objects through your home, and there is the organization of your daily schedule in the household. Here are 10 great tips that cover both the organization in your life and the objects in your home.

1) A written schedule for the following day.

This will allow you to fit things you need to do into your day without blindly going through life and feeling as though everything is falling apart. This also lets you organize things by importance.

2) Rather than use a table to hold a lamp, is a shelving unit.

This allows for the same space that was used just for a table and lamp to be used to hold many items, reducing clutter.

3) Store television related items on shelving units on both sides of the television.

Movies, DVDs players, VHS players and even game consoles can be stored on these shelves to save space and clear clutter from your viewing area.

4) Store away seasonal items in the attic or basement rather than a closet.

This frees up a usable closet for jackets, coats or shoes for different seasons keeping the house free of clutter.

5) Another problem I have witnessed first hand is kitchen organization.

Organize your kitchen by the way you use it. Cooking utensils should be near the stove, silverware near the plates and cups/glasses near the refrigerator/sink. Make sure to keep towels near the sink and potholders near the stove as well. Small things like this save valuable time throughout your day.

6) Add storage shelves and hooks to the basement or attic.

This will help for seasonal and vacation storage items. The tidier your basement or attic looks, the less likely you will go out and buy a duplicate rather than find the one you have.

7) Adopt the 3 month rule.

Basically, if you haven’t used it in 3 months, what is the likelihood you will use it again? If you don’t see yourself using it in the near future, toss it out, donate it, or have a yard sale.

8) Buy the right Tupperware.

Tupperware is a great thing to have for leftovers or even a meal for work, but don’t over do it. Purchase collapsible Tupperware and save some space.

9) Keep the garage organized

Pegboards around garage walls, and shelving for tool boxes leaves room for storage of other items.

10) Get a shower caddy

The caddy you purchase should hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This eliminates the need for bottles cluttering up the edge of your shower and keeps the sides of your tub clean and slip free.

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