10 Unique Graduation Party Themes

It is that time of year again. It is graduation time. Time to celebrate with those you care about, and celebrate the person who is graduating. One great way to do that is to have a graduation party where the person who is graduating is the guest of honor. There are many unique graduation party themes that you can do. Here are 10 unique gradation party themes:


Is the person who is graduating into sports? Were they on a team in school or college? Have a graduation party celebrating their accomplishments. If they were a football player, cheerleader, volleyball player, or played some other sport then having a sport themed graduation party would be perfect. You can even hang up their sports uniform, or display pictures of them playing their favorite sport.

Future College

Did the graduate just graduate from high school? How about throwing a future college themed graduation party? You can decorate the venue with the future college colors. Design the cake with the future college’s logo on it. Make the graduation party all about their future college.

Decade Party

Have fun celebrating by having a decade party. Celebrate when the graduate was born. Make everyone dress according to that time period. Play the most popular music of that decade. Really have fun celebrating the decade that the graduate grew up in.


Want a fun graduation party? Try having a Hawaiian themed graduation party. Have your guests learn how to Hula. Let your guests wear Lei’s and grass skirts. Make your party really light up with lanterns.


Is your graduate a star? Have a star themed graduation party. Let your party sparkle. Make the theme all about your graduate being a star. Decorate with tons of stars.

Pool Party

Do you have a pool in your backyard? Why not have a pool party for your graduation? Crank up some party music, and have some fun. Make sure you have plenty of extra towels on hand for your guests. Have a splashing good time.

Into the Future

Have a into the future themed graduation party. Let people guess what your life will be like in 5, 10, 15 plus years. Make a time capsule. Ask your guests to bring items to fill it, and then bury it in your yard. You will have fun digging it up years later.

Party Boat

Have some real cash to spend on your graduation party? Then why not rent out a party boat or cruise boat for your big graduation bash. Have plenty of food and drinks on board. Dance the night away while out on the water. Sail away into the future with your high hopes and dreams.


Have a destination themed gradation party. Have you dreamed of New York City or Hollywood? Theme your gradation party around somewhere that you love or that you are actually going to. Make your party look like that place. Destination parties are great graduation parties to have.


Are you moving into a dorm or apartment soon? Why not have a moving into new place themed graduation party? Make a cardboard clock with moving hands. Give each one of your guests a card with a time of day on it. That time of day will indicate what type of gift they should bring to the graduation party. When it is time to open up presents, move the clock to the time of day that you want to open up those types of presents.

Graduation time is exciting. You or someone you love is venturing into a new chapter of their lives. Having a graduation party should fit their type of personality, and is a great way to celebrate their success already in life. Make the gradation day about them. There are many unique graduation party themes that you can enjoy.