10 Tips on How to Create a Consistent Stream of Income

How many MLM Companies have you joined just to find another failure? I’m sure several as most people have. Many of these MLM companies stay around for a year or two, and then they go out of business.

The reason for this is they don’t have any financial backing, they’re in-debt, they didn’t know how to make a solid business in the first place or they just threw up a website with the intention of taking in as much money as they could and then closing up shop.

The MLM scams will actually set up shop in a different name and start over again. The owner and the top leaders are the only ones making the bucks. There are too many scrupulous companies to name, but there are 10 Tips on How to Create a Consistent Stream of Income with a legitimate honest company.

1- Don’t join any pre-launches. They usually last only 6 months to a year and they have a lot of growing pains that you have to go through too. You’ve probably received an email on the next great pre-launch telling you this is going to be the best thing you’ve ever seen. Don’t fall for their sales pitch.

2- Join an honest company that gives you proof of income, shows you how you can make a consistent stream of income, is listed with the BBB with an A rating, has ownership of their own products and has superior support.

3- After you join this company, start making an email list of people you have done business with in the past. Attend the webinars and teleconference calls. They teach you a lot.

4- Your team leader should be successful with this company, so call him or her and get advice as where and how to start promoting your business.

5- Brand yourself. Let people know who you are. A nice capture page with your name and picture should do nicely. After people see your picture and hear your name numerous times, they will get to know you.

6- Be consistent and stay motivated. Put together a daily list of things you will do that day to promote your business and stick to your list.

7- Don’t give up. If you have made a few mistakes, don’t let it get you down. Move forward so you can learn from those mistakes. If you are feeling down, call your team leader. Always stay in contact with him or her. Their success depends on your success, so they’ll be more than happy to help you.

8- Research the market you’re promoting. Get to know it very well, so you’ll know how to answer peoples’ questions. They need to know that you are trustworthy and honest before they’ll join with you.

9- The company must offer their own consumable outstanding products that are in demand by everyone that carries a satisfaction guarantee. People must need these products.

10- You should have excellent support from your team leader as well as the company. When you call the company, a live person needs to answer the phone.

If you follow these 10 tips, you will learn How to Create a Consistent Stream of Income that won’t take years to accomplish.

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