10 Tips for Living Frugally in Sacramento

Life in any California city can get expensive, but there are ways to slash the budget and still have fun with your family. Sacramento is home to lots of hidden gems that can help you enjoy life without emptying your wallet.

1- Sunflower Drive-In

Moms are always worried about providing their children with nutritional food, but sometimes the schedule gets too hectic to prepare a healthy meal every night. An excellent alternative is the Sunflower Drive-In, a vegetarian fast-food restaurant with extremely reasonable prices. Kids’ meals start at $3.99 and adults can eat for under $7.

2- Certified Farmer’s Market

Speaking of nutritious food, did you know that you can find cheaper fruits, vegetables, and other products at Certified Farmer’s Market locations? California-grown produce is extremely tasty, and this is one of the best ways to support frugal living in Sacramento.

3- Thrift Town

From back-to-school clothes shopping to books and music, buying new is always expensive. When you shop at stores like Thriftown in Sacramento, however, you can save money without sacrificing quality. Since Thrift Town buys all its “gently used” merchandise from non-profit charities, you’re also indirectly helping someone in need.

4- French Cuff Consignment

Save money and make money at French Cuff Consignment. A second-hand designer boutique, French Cuff is perfect for clearing our your closets and for saving cash on designer clothes. They’re very selective about what they buy, so you won’t find heavily-worn or ‘”abused products here.

5- Time Tested Books

Readers young and old alike can spend a fortune on reading material. Check out Time Tested Books in Sacramento if you want to keep up with your favorite authors without spending half your paycheck. They have a great selection of used and rare books, and items can be special ordered if necessary.

6- Zoo Free Admission Day

The Sacramento Zoo has free admission days scattered throughout the year, which means you can take the kids for a day of fun with the animals and avoid the hefty fees. Check out the zoo calendar to find out when the next free admission day will be.

7- Cheaper Gas

According to KCRA 3, the cheapest gas prices in Sacramento are at Costco, Fill N Save, and Pilot. Look for those establishments next time you need to fill up.

8- Estate Sales

Pay attention to the classifieds section in the newspaper or visit EstateSales.net to learn about upcoming estate sales in Sacramento. These can be great opportunities to save money on items you would otherwise have to pay full price for. Just remember that estate and garage sales can be dangerous. Be careful not to walk away with items you don’t really need.

9- Utility Rebates

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers certain rebates and promotions on a regular basis. When you need to replace your water heater, for example, make sure you check on offers so you don’t spend more than necessary.

10- Ming’s Recycling Center

If you’ve got aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and other recyclables, consider taking them to a Sacramento area center. Ming’s Recycling, for example, pays cash for all different types of materials so your waste is reused and you walk away with a little extra money in your pocket.